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Wait, What Were We Talking About?

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Moms share their experiences of Momnesia.


When we ran our piece on Momnesia—the memory loss that comes along with motherhood—many of you could relate! Paulette said, "I thought I have been losing it more and more with each birth of my girls. Now I know I am not alone—it is also nice to give this forgetfulness a name."

Paula said, "I'm not alone!! (I'm writing this after just spending the last five minutes looking for my unfinished coffee) I'm glad there is a name for it because I have been going crazy since having my second child eight weeks ago." Kendall's Mom said, "I live in the county and I drove all the way in to town and forgot why I drove that far. I blame it on the lack of sleep!"

Have personal experience with Momnesia? Tell us about it in the Mom•Logic Community.

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