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Britney makes comeback: Mama Brit has had a rough few months, but (fingers crossed) seems to be heading in a new direction. Spears will guest star on the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother March 24 playing a receptionist in a dermatologist's office.

Illinois Mom on trial for leaving kids in car: Treffly Coyne, a mother of three, will go on trial tomorrow for leaving her 2-year old sleeping in her car for a few minutes, while she was 10 yards away with her other daughters dumping change in a salvation army kettle. She faces up to a year in jail and a $2,500 fine. Was her arrest valid or bogus? Later today: Mom•Logic's exclusive interview with Treffly's husband.

Arrest made in UNC student murder: Police arrested
a "person of interest" in the March 5 killing of 22-year-old Eve
Carson. No other details were available about the potential suspect.
The board of trustees at the University of North Carolina have offered
a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in the case.

Breasts change after childbirth: A new report confirms what some of have (unfortunately) discovered on our own. Although breasts enlarge during pregnancy and while breastfeeding, afterwards, some women go down a half or full cup from their original pre-pregnancy size. Seriously-why couldn't this downsizing happen with other parts of our bodies, too?

Sixth graders hit the bottle: A new report finds that 17% of students in sixth grade have tried alcohol. The researchers says alcohol prevention needs to be taught in elementary school. For once, let's take the advice of researchers and talk to kids before they start drinking.

More Info: Britney Spears, UNC Student Murder, Mom Goes on Trial, Breast Post-Pregnancy, 6th Graders Drinking

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Anonymous March 12, 2008, 5:45 PM

How many times is Brit going to have a “comeback”? She needs to just STOP!

anonymous March 12, 2008, 6:17 PM

Thank you for printing a POSITIVE slant on Britney Spears. As she takes steps to recover from her mental health issues, it gets tiresome to read negative comments about her. Most people are pulling for her recovery; too bad the press can’t seem to support her. You are a great exception! April 9, 2008, 10:09 AM

Women are divorcing their abusive spouse and ending up in a court battle and eventually losing custody of their children. Britney is showing typical signs of a mother going through this. Britney needs to check out of the mental hospital and have the media follower her to the nearest women’s abuse shelter. Britney’s former spouse as father of the year makes me sick. The media acts as if this man can do no wrong. What they do not know is that he is just doing his bad behind closed doors. These men end up mentally and physically abusing their children. I am in the process of creating a web site to help non custodial mothers. Oprah did not warn us of this girls!

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