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Plush Toy Bait-and-Switch

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This product is almost impossible to resist until you really see it in action.

Deceptive advertising is nothing new. How can real life compete with child actors playing with a toy enhanced with special effects and a bouncy soundtrack? Some of us never got over the of the Easy Bake Oven's rinky-dink light bulb heating system or the Barbie Fashion Show set that looked like the dolls actually walked down the runway themselves. Sorry, the only way down the catwalk was in the hands of some disappointed little girl. Lately, though, toy commercials come with more disclaimers than ads for a new acid-reflux medication.

The Japanese, it seems, might not have quite so much regulation. Check out this commercial for a plush toy and then see the real thing in action. Then imagine the look of disappointment wash over your child's face and the inevitable tantrum.

Here's the real deal:

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SugarPlumFairy March 15, 2008, 7:47 PM

That is a shame. Commercials are always misleading kids and making them want toys that that don’t act as advertised.

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