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Teen: 'Moms, Give Us Guidance!'

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One teen says harsher rules will prevent your children from making mistakes.


The post Teen Sex, Drinking & Depression talked about a docu-series on WE tv that followed several teenagers from freshman year to graduation. The teens faced issues including drinking and pregnancy.

Pony, a teenager, responds with this: "Well, I'm also a teen and have seen this life. I have realized that it's killing young teens only because we are ignorant.

Mothers could just start a community that says 'no' to all this by beginning to say 'no' to your teenage child going out late at night. Control or change begins with you at home. Lay down some principles; your child has no choice but to live by them. You as a parent don't have to answer to them; they answer to you. Don't be a friend and forget to be a parent."

Miche, a Mom, replies: "This is so true. As a Mom, I agree with you. We need to say no and deal with the yelling and anger when it happens."

Do you think that harsher rules would be effective with your children? Tell us in the Mom•Logic Community.

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