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Reflections on the Childless Bitch

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When the Childless Bitch wrote 'Stay Out of My Restaurant,' Moms reacted strongly to her views on our children's behavior when eating out. Kelly wrote: "Please. I've been to many a restaurant with my now 2-year-old son, and while i will concede that certain establishments are not 'kid-appropriate,' I hardly think it ANYONE'S right to tell me where, and when, I can take my child."

Laura adds, "My mother-in-law insists on going to child-inappropriate restaurants for special occasions. Though the kids at the table are my nephews, not my own children, I can't help but feel guilty that they are distracting to other diners. My first child is due in October. I know if I'm paying $30+ for my entree I don't want to deal with children acting like children (nor do I think children should be expected to behave like adults)."

Do you sympathize with the Childless Bitch, or is she out of line? Share in the Mom•Logic Community.

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