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Top 5: Travel Tips For Moms

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What to do before hitting the not-so-friendly skies with the family.


When we posted The TSA Took Our Baby Food Away, Mom readers were ticked at the TSA. To make your traveling experience a little easier, we talked to Nico Melendez, TSA Spokesman and father of five to get the scoop on flying with children:

1. Do your research: Nico asks all Moms to visit the TSA Web site to learn the limitations for kid-friendly liquids, like milk and formula.

2. Be realistic: "Someone flying from L.A. to Australia will need more baby food than someone flying to San Francisco." There is no set rule on how much baby food or formula you can bring; however, if the security officer believes it is too much for the distance you are traveling, it can be taken away.

3. Carry milk or formula separately: Carry your breast milk or formula separately and let the security officer know ahead of time that you have it. This will decrease delays, as well as the number of non-Moms looking at you with the evil eye.

4.Fill small bellies before: Nico boasts that he got his five kids through the security checkpoint in under five minutes by giving them something to eat before the flight and after to decrease the amount of food that needed to be hauled on the plane. He also recommends using powder-based formulas versus liquid while traveling.

5. Prep your kids: Let them know ahead of time that they will need to take off their jacket and shoes. Nico suggests even having young kids wear socks to the airport and put on their shoes after the security checkpoint.

Do you have any travel tips or horror stories? Share below! 

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