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5 Reasons NOT to Bring Your Kid To Work

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Just because it's National Take Our Kids to Work Day doesn't mean you're obligated to bring them. Here are our top 5 reasons to keep kids out of the workplace.


1) Your co-workers openly hate children
Cubicles decorated with zero population growth slogans are a hint. So is the use of the phrase "crotch fruit."

2) Your child likes to imitate things he hears at home
When your child gleefully exclaims, "My mommy says you're incompetent!" to your boss, it might not be the best way to secure that promotion.

3) You're a heart surgeon
The last thing you need is your inquisitive child poking a finger into a patient's aorta asking, "What's THAT, mommy?" during open-heart surgery.

4) To save on a day of daycare

Yes, daycare is expensive, but will it outweigh replacing every keyboard in the office after they're covered in apple juice and ground-in goldfish crackers?

5) Job Security
Ageism runs rampant in the corporate world and headhunters are looking for younger and younger job candidates. Tell your kid to dumb it down in front of co-workers or you might be out of a job.

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