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Force Kids to Go to Religious Services?

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Moms debate whether religion should be a childhood requirement.

When we posted "Desperate" for the Kids to Find God?, Moms weren't shy about sharing their opinions. April said: "I think parents should take their kids to church. No this is not "forcing" them to go, no more than we "force" them to go to school every day.("Forcing" makes it sound like a bad thing.)

This is simply giving them the opportunity to know God. Why should we deprive our kids of that? There is no "forcing" about it. Using this logic, I also "force" my kids to take a bath every night, "force" them to eat their veggies, and "force" them to put on clean underwear every day. This is just being a good parent, people!"

Guiliana responds: "I don't force my kids to go because I'd rather emphasize spirituality with them rather than religion."

Do you think taking your children to religious services is important, or should they be allowed to decide for themselves? Tell us in the momlogic Community.

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