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Greenify Your Sex Life

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The last thing Moms are thinking about is what ecological footprints our sex sessions are having, right?

What if we told you that greenifying your sex life can actually help deepen (forgive the pun) the passion? Eco-Mom Zem Joaquin helps us discover some things we are actually excited to...ahem...try.

image1.jpg1.Steam it Up - Taking a shower together will not only save water, it can be a total turn on. While you're at it, play with some yummy shower lotions and potions to really get in the mood.
image2.jpg2. Slippery Sheets - One of the softest fabrics in the world, bamboo is even better for the planet than organic cotton and around the same price range. Did we mention it's slippery?
image3.jpg3. Massage Oil - Get super smooth skin without grease? We're in! You can always have your man give you a well deserved back rub...
image4.jpg4. Organic Lingerie - Toss the ol' granny panties for an eco-friendly pair. If you need them anyway, go organic.
image5.jpg5. Love Toys - Your kids aren't the only ones who may be playing with toxic toys. Many sex toys are made with chemicals that are totally dangerous. Go for safety when feeling extra sassy.

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