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Kanye West Makes a Mom Cry

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Momlogic's Annie: Kanye's emotional concert made it clear how much he still misses his Mom who died five months ago. And it leaves fans wondering if his grief played a part in the recent breakup with his fiancee.


My best friends and I left our kids home watching Baby Mozart while we went to the Kanye West concert this week. As promised by many reviewers, the show was a religious experience and two of us welled up during his performance and not just because we were out without our kids.

As we all know, Kanye lost his mother, Donda West, last November. But when she was alive, he wrote a tribute to her called, "Hey Mama" on his second album, Late Registration. He sang the song with such raw emotion you couldn't help but feel his pain, especially as a Mom. The entire sold-out crowd was completely overtaken by his energy.

Earlier this week it was reported that he split with his fiancée of a year and a half. Donda had reportedly blessed the union and encouraged them to marry. So it must have been particularly difficult and bittersweet to make the split.

In fact, says family counselor and friend of Mom•Logic Rosanne Tobey, losing a parent suddenly can have a significant impact on a romantic relationship.

"Grieving is so painful and there is much internal change that is necessary in order to integrate the loss with one's identity," Rosanne says.

"The pressure on a relationship can be significant, and without an understanding partner, it could definitely come between two people. Also, life perspectives and priorities often change and a relationship that was right before can seem to no longer fit. However, when a couple does manage to work through a loss together, overcoming the adversity can sometimes make them stronger."

If you've experienced a loss, has it made your relationship suffer or grow stronger?

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