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Party Etiquette: A Gift-Giving Momtroversy

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If you bring more than one kid to a birthday party, how many gifts do you take with you?

When you bring an extra sibling to a party who may or may not have been invited, do you also bring an extra gift?  Here are momlogic Moms' take on the issue:

julie.jpg I feel it depends on the party. If you're having a little backyard shindig with pin-the-tail on the donkey and cake and ice cream, then bringing gift-less siblings along is no big deal. But if you're hosting a party at Build-a-Bear or Color-Me-Mine or the local ice skating rink, where more kids means more money being spent by the host, then hell yeah, you better bring an extra gift!
julie.jpg I've never done it. Actually, I've never even thought about it. Does that make me a bad Mom?
fox.jpg Having two boys close in age, they're often both invited to a party--I only bring the sibling if invited. I tend to spend a few extra bucks if it's someone who would come to both my kids' parties. It's only fair since they're buying two gifts.
andrea.jpg "I do feel that you either bring one big gift or one gift per kid invited. I guess it's an etiquette thing that is ingrained in my head."

What's your view?

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Lisa April 29, 2008, 9:57 AM

I had this happen to me when I had a party for my son. Another mom just dropped off the boy’s brother—-and he was not invited. She didn’t even say anything about it, she just did it. Even though they brought a separate gift, I thought it was incredibly rude. We were not prepared at all for an extra child and had to scramble.

Anonymous May 6, 2008, 11:20 AM

We have twin girls. If both are invited, they each bring a present. If both were to invite a child they’d each expect a present. Each child eats cake, takes time, participates in the activity, etc. so each child should bring a gift. Spending a little extra is not acceptable. The other parents will have to buy two gifts for your family - you need to act as if your kids are from different families and have them give, just as any other child would do. PS - this way they both learn to give!

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