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J.Lo's publicist clarifies "reality" show: Despite TLC's press release suggesting otherwise, Lopez's personal publicist, Leslie Sloane, just issued the following clarification: "The show that Jennifer Lopez is doing for TLC is a 'docuseries' that follows the creation of a mother/child fragrance launch. It is not about her family and home life with her children." Gee, that sounds riveting.

Doctors to remove 16-pound facial tumor: A 15-year-old Vietnamese girl will undergo surgery in Miami on April 29th to remove a 16-pound tumor that has been growing on her face for the past 12-years. The tumor is life threatening and could eventually suffocate the girl if not removed.

Cuddling speeds preemies' recovery: New research finds that premature babies who are cuddled against their mother's bare skin recover faster than those who are swaddled in blankets. Skin-on-skin contact with their mothers was said to reduce the babies pain and cause them to squirm less.

FOX tracks down deadbeat dads: A new reality show that confronts dads who aren't paying child support may be coming to a TV near you. Would you watch that?

Warehouse chains ration rice: With growing fears of a recession and rising prices at the checkout line, Sam's Club and Costco have put a limit on the number of bulk rice bags customers can buy, due to increased demand. 

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maryjane shields June 21, 2008, 1:26 PM

Seriously. What would you do if your ex owed his children $121,000. in support and Florida had been unable to locate him in 17 years??? I have supported 2 girls on my government help at all. Now I have lost house to foreclosure. I feel like suing Florida for failure to do their job..30% of the children get nothing..come on people. We spend $112 BILLION each year on bureaucrats to collect the $8.5 BILLION that is court ordered but uncollected. We spend that much in IRAQ each MONTH. Aren’t the American children worth a month in Iraq? Have your children been cheated also? e mail me at : gr8pcbch@aol….and pray for us all.

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