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Tom Cruise jumps back to Oprah: Hold onto your sofas! Three years after the famous couch-jumping incident, Tom Cruise is stopping by The Oprah Winfrey Show to talk about his 25th anniversary in show business. The Big-O will visit the mega-star at his home on May 2 and then Tom will cruise into Oprah's studio on May 5.

Number of kids seized from polygamous sect increases: After further investigation, the number of children removed from the polygamist compound and put in Texas state custody rose to 462. State officials believe that at least 25 mothers, who said they were adults, are younger than 18 years old. Texas continues to place children in foster care, while they investigate child abuse allegations.

Wesley Snipes sentenced to three years in prison: A U.S. district judge sentenced the action star with the maximum penalty for failing to file tax returns, as Snipes is believed to owe the government $2.7 million in back taxes. The actor called on famous friends, including Denzel Washington and Woody Harrelson to vouch for him, hoping to get home detention, but instead, he was ordered to do hard time.

Tallest Mom has big baby: India's tallest woman, Svetlana Singh, who measures 7'2," may have the world's biggest baby. At just 10 months old, her son, Karan, weighs 49 pounds and measures 3'2". And get this, Svetlana says she feeds him 20 times a day!

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Zandra April 25, 2008, 12:15 PM

Tom Cruise has some NERVE coming back to Oprah to promote something when he totally dissed her by not inviting her to his wedding. I feel bad for Oprah as I’m sure she has to go along to get along! :(

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