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Who's to Blame for Miley Photos?

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Momlogic's Role Mommy, a publicist by trade, sounds off on the Vanity Fair controversy.


Here we go again. First, Miley Cyrus posted some trashy photos of herself on her MySpace page and now she was coerced by Annie Liebovitz to pose semi-nude for Vanity Fair.

Should I be outraged that my daughter's role model is wrapped in a sheet baring a sexy pouty pose? My answer: Nope. Sure, it might not have been the best decision for her to have stripped down to her skivvies in the name of high-fashion photography. However, the girl is only 15...and for Godsakes, when Annie Liebovitz tells you to do something, you just do it. She's convinced the Queen of England to wear outfits she didn't want to put on, so who wouldn't listen when one of the most famous photographers in the world tells you that a shot of you in a sheet will look great in one of the most popular and well-regarded magazines on the planet?

As a publicist who has spent my career protecting the images of my clients, I'm not placing blame on 15-year-old Miley or even her Mom or Dad who are said to have left the photo shoot to take their 8-year-old daughter home.

The problem is that Cyrus was left in the hands of her grandmother and a publicity assistant who was probably too scared to tell Annie Liebovitz that having Miley wearing nothing but Egyptian cotton bed linens would be pretty bad for her image. Trust me, I've been there. I've been around pushy photographers and reporters who befriend interview subjects only to stab them in the back in order to land their big get.

As for Annie Liebovitz, she's used to getting exactly what she wants, but when that compromises her teen subject--causing her parents and Moms across the country to go ballistic--that's where it is time to draw the line. I mean, Liebovitz is a Mom, too. Would she want her teenager to strip down and pose for photos that can be seen all over the world?

As for Miley's PR handlers, I'm sure the last thing they wanted was to put team Cyrus in a bad situation. Unfortunately, they were blindsided by flashbulbs and images of Vanity Fair covers dancing in their heads. And as a result, it looks like it's going to be a cold day in Disney before Miley bares all again.

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Counselingmom April 30, 2008, 7:17 PM

I tend to disagree. It seems it would have been more appropriate to have Grandma bring home the 8 year old, and have her parents stay at the shoot. Other players in this situation are not beyond reproach but, ultimately responsibility to protect their daughter and her image falls on the parents.

NanaMimi April 30, 2008, 8:39 PM

As a mother and grandmother and as a woman, I am sick and tired of the female gender being regarded as sex objects. Here we are in 2008 having a woman running for President and a photographer, yes she’s a photographer, not God Almighty or some wise and benevolent sage, convinced a fifteen year old girl already with stars in her eyes, eating up all the hype about herself, to strip down and let herself be photographed. If Demi Moore wants to get on the cover of Vanity Fair and pose nude or nude but painted, then she is an adult woman and its entirely up to her, although how she could do that knowing her children would one day see it, is beyond me. Look I’m not a prude, but we have got to draw the line somewhere, our children are not being allowed to be children. Its adults who make the decisions on what is going to be seen on TV, its adults who decide what is allowable in the music, the fashions, etc… These children are celebrities, yes I agree, but first and foremost they are children. Billy Ray and his wife let their daughter down and as a fellow Kentuckian I have to say up until now I have been proud of him and how they’ve been raising Miley, but now, I have to question their judgment. It depends on whose talking but yesterday it was said Mom and Dad were there with others of her entourage while it was being done. Today they say they had left to take their eight year old home. Question 1: Why did she need to go home right then? Didn’t they want her to see her sister being photographed if it was suppose to be an artistic endeavor? Question 2: Why did it take both parents to take her home? It only takes one to go on the road with Miley, the Mom, so why did it take two to take the little one home? Question 3: What are you thinking, when those of you say its no big deal; when Anne Liebovitz says to do something you do it. Give me a break. Here we parents and grandparents were worried about peer pressure and now we see its the adults we have to look out for that will have undue influence on our children. Question 4: How many Britney’s, Lyndsey’s, Paris’, Nicole’s and so on do we need to hear about. These are all prime examples of young women who were robbed of their childhood, personally I don’t think that was such a good idea either. A concerned Nana from Kentucky

bell chyjiki  May 1, 2008, 12:23 AM

MILEY Y HAVE U DONE THIS TO YOU’R FANS???????????????????????

notafan May 2, 2008, 4:11 PM


Princesspeachfan2008 June 29, 2008, 12:08 AM

Her nude photo is really ugly…and i mean ugly because the girl on the picture does not even look like Miley at all, she has more of an emo look on her face, i mean wasn’t her hair brownish??? Miley, please stop doing this and next time you go on a photoshoot, please do it with your clothes on, you look even better with clothes on. PLEASE MILEY, FOR THE SAKE OF PEOPLE WHO REALLY REALLY IDOLIZED YOU, PLEASE STOP DOING THIS!!! why did she ever become trashy and posing for useless photos, MILEY CYRUS NEEDS TO CHANGE HERSELF, SHE IS ALWAYS GOOD, BUT SHE IS NOW BEING FORCED BY PEOPLE INTO PORNOGRAPHY, FACE IT, SHE SHOULD HAVE JUST SAY KNOW TO THE NUDE PHOTOGRAPHY BECAUSE NOBODY LIKES HER NUDE PHOTO

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