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Teens Trading Nude Pics: OK vs No Way?

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Parents debate the issue of teens and nudity.


When we posted More Teens Flirting With Nude Pics, we discovered a varying range of opinions. Danielle said: "See...this is why my boys really don't need a phone! If it weren't for the fact we live in a crazy world, I'd say to hell with the whole phone thing....but YES, I will check now since this type of thing is going on. I trust my boys, but I think if I check on them once in a while, it couldn't hurt."

George disagreed: "Why are we so uptight about naked pictures? Our naked pictures being seen by others is humiliating? If these kids are humiliated, they should have thought about that before hand.

In Europe, there are naked people everywhere - parks, beaches..and it's no big deal. I think our society gets more upset about pictures of naked people being sent on cell phones than we do about our low inner-city school graduation rates, teenage pregnancy, and crime. I think we have our priorities all messed up."

Do you think teens exchanging nude photos is a big deal? Tell us in the Mom•Logic Community.

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