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Are Your Kids Making You Fat?

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Hectic schedules and kids' junk food causes more Moms to battle the bulge.


Though the average woman gains 25-35 pounds during pregnancy, just think about how much Moms gain once their kids start eating foods like mac 'n' cheese, chicken nuggets, and those oh-so-delicious french fries.

"Some people smoke, some people spend, some people eat. If you've chosen eating as your way to self-soothe, that's when you're headed for trouble," says Debi Silber, a registered dietician, Mom of four, and author of The Lifestyle Fitness Program. Debi says there are three reasons Mom pack on pounds after having kids.

1. Stress causes Moms to overeat. A lot of Moms are so busy taking care of everyone else, they feel this huge resentment. They eat to soothe themselves. It's a coping mechanism to make themselves feel better. As a result, a Mom may "treat herself" to ice cream or pizza or whatever it is she feels she's entitled to, and take in way more than she needs.

2. Moms are too busy to eat enough during the day. If you eat too much at one sitting, your body can't use it all, and all it can do is store it as fat. Eat smaller snacks throughout the day, burn what you're taking in, and move on. Otherwise it's going to store it as fat you know where.

3. Moms often clean their kids' plates . Those extra couple of Goldfish, those few french fries, and that bite of a grilled cheese sandwich can sabotage your weight loss plans. Picture how much you've eaten that the kids didn't finish. Scary! You should eat every single morsel of food sitting down, from your own plate. Otherwise, you can eat thousands of extra calories without even realizing it!

Need proof? If you devoured the following kid foods today, this is how much that splurge will cost you, and what it will take to burn it off, courtesy of The Daily Plate.

A handful of Goldfish
The damage: 100 calories
To work it off: Walk for 105 minutes 

10 French Fries
The damage: 80-100 calories
To work it off: Dance for 38 minutes

1 cup Mac and Cheese
The damage: 290 calories 
To work it off: Do crunches for 45 minutes

2 Chicken Nuggets
The damage: 85 calories
To work it off: Do Pilates 20 minutes

Are your kids making YOU fat?

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Catherine May 7, 2008, 7:15 AM

Yep, I gained a cool 50lbs with my first child. It took me almost a year and a half to slim down more than 60 lbs. I can also definitely relate to the no time, because you are busy saving the world.

But a way to over come and eliminate all that comes with stress and over eating is to over eat good foods. It is easier to do that, when everyone is eating the same foods. You should after all teach your children about health and how to live a healthy life style as they get older. To take care of their bodies. That is after all your job as a parent.You don’t have to feed your children bland and boring things or fat free yogurt either. There so many healthy alternatives. Try WHOLE foods. Things that do not have a page long list of it’s ingredients. Try Low Fat cheeses or yogurts or milk.I recently made a turkey bacon lasagna. It was delicious. Whole wheat pasta, with low fat turkey bacon, frozen veggi’s, low fat racotta with spices, and low fat cheese. The family went nuts over that.

My daughter eats veggi’s, beans, yogurts, and fruits. Ok, she does eat pizza and mac’s and cheese, but I introduced the healthy foods to her from a young age, so she loves them and has her treats to. Exercise is also so important for mom’s! Not only for healthy, but for stress release. Everyone will like you a whole lot better, including your children and husband, if you blow off all that’s bothering you. Go for a walk with the kids, take them to the playground. Think about why you are stressed and what you can do about it, with out taking it out on yourself. It’s all about state of mind. Sometimes we all feel like we are so far from getting there, but you have to regroup and not over eat.

stinkybrat41 May 23, 2008, 10:31 AM

i’m thankful that i found some helpful advice because that’s me - eating cause i’m stressed, finishing her plate, now at least i know what i’m doing wrong and can find the way to correct things. hope i lose some of this extra weight.thanks momlogic.

three peaks challenge March 6, 2011, 4:21 PM

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