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Best. Husbands. Ever.

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Momlogic's Annie: After years of hints, therapy and (eventually) blatant demands, our men set forth and finally got it together. We've been referring to the experience as the best night of our lives.


My two best girlfriends and I grew up together, got married, moved across the country and made babies. All three of our families live within two miles of each other. We have a great time getting together but our husbands--like many--aren't always the most romantic beings.

As a group we love us some Top Chef - oh those quick-fires! Those elimination challenges! And of course the dreaded judges table! Our mouths water just thinking about it.

So, when our crew went away for an overnight last weekend--kids in tow--to a house with multiple bedrooms, our guys came up with a plan. The women watched the kids (and complained about it the entire time) while the men chopped vegetables, seared fish, grilled meat, strained soup, mashed potatoes, blended sauce and poured wine. They made multiple trips to the grocery store, the liquor store and the farmers market. Then the kids went to bed and the men called us into the living room.

There we found a table, set adorably incorrectly, with candles and three chairs. We then realized they would be eating in "the back of the house". One by one in trademark Top Chef contestant accessories, the food arrived. First was Spike's famous Squash Soup from the current season with a matching Sauvignon Blanc! We felt a bit uncomfortable to have our men serving us, but once the grilled lobster salad with the accompaniment of a light pinot noir was set down, all bets were off. The three of us got lost in our meal, partially giddy because our men were being so sweet, partially because we were all together with our kids safely in the next room SLEEPING and partially because of those wine pairings! Next came the seared scallops with smoked bacon over mashed potatoes drizzled in chipotle sauce. By the time the grilled steak came cut over polenta and a light, gorgonzola sauce arrived we were stuck with perma-grins. Desert was a low-fat strawberry shortcake that we think they decided on so that we wouldn't feel so guilty for gorging on all that food.

Of course it was amazing to have so much fun with our best friends, but even better was seeing how much fun our husbands had. They loved being creative and working together but, more importantly, it was obvious they enjoyed being responsible for giving us one of the best times we've had together. But alas, the fairy tale went back to reality when it was the three women who emerged from the various bedrooms in the morning with babies in tow while the husbands slept in. Here's hoping there's a next year! 

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Dr. Bob and Nurse Terry May 17, 2008, 10:30 PM

Lucky all of you!! How creative and thoughtful of your husbands. It will be a hard act to follow next year.

Anonymous May 18, 2008, 4:22 PM

My husband cracked open a jar of sauce once. Does that count?

Tutter1 May 23, 2008, 12:44 PM

MY HUSBANd IS THE BEST, BUT I ALSO KNOW THERE ARE MANY MORE LIKE HIM OUT THERE! HE WORKS, DOES HIS LAUNDRY(also sheet, bedding off our bed)loves to cook, cleans house, does yard i ‘m not a princess or a queen but have been accused of being so…..I have raised my boys the same.. they do their laundry, cook, clean..they have to be prepared in todays world. what is they have 2 kids and home and one on the way and were not around to help..they should know how to do these husbads mom and dad worked, her three boys were taught to do the same..I’m just the lucky one who listened to his Mom….

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