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'Big Mother' is Watching

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Moms can now monitor their kids' test scores on a minute-by-minute basis.


It used to be fairly easy for kids to hide a failing grade from their Mom...or at least wait for the "perfect moment" to break the news. But no longer. The New York Times says more and more parents are monitoring their kids' grades and attendance records online through sites like ParentConnect and Edline.

Parents love being able to find out what's up with their kids' school performance at the click of a button. But teens and tweens say the lack of privacy is stressing them out. Momlogic spoke Nicole Dobbins, Mom of three, to find out why she's proud to call herself a "Big Mother."

Momlogic:Why do you love ParentConnect?

Nicole: Using this program is like viewing their report cards and having parent/teacher conferences on a daily basis--it's the modern-day version of that. I can view my kids' attendance records, upcoming projects or assignments, test scores, transcripts, as well as any disciplinary action that has been taken (like detentions or suspensions).

The site also gives me direct email access to their teachers. If my kids aren't doing well in class or if I feel they're not getting a certain concept, I can check in with the teacher right away. When I email, I get almost immediate responses from the educators themselves. The teachers love it because communication with parents seems to be one of their biggest challenges.

Momlogic: What do you think about the kids who are protesting the site?

Nicole: Kids are screaming about this, but they are the same children who give detailed accounts of what they had for lunch on MySpace and Facebook. It's interesting they don't want their parents to know what's going on with them in school, but yet they show the world what they did last night on YouTube. It's just not a legitimate argument.

I am in no way violating my child's trust. I feel we've added a tool that helps us as a family manage the kids' education. The best thing I can give my kids is an education, strong work ethics, and accountability. This is actually great for them. When they get off the bus, I can say, "Way to go, you got a 97 on your quiz!" I can show them how proud I am of them. I don't berate them about bad grades. Instead, I use this website as a tool to communicate and help my kids achieve their goals.

Momlogic: How often do you go online to check up on your kids?

Nicole: Once a day. It's easy and quick. I don't watch the site like the stock market or log in every five minutes. I just want a picture of what their day was like. That way, when they get home, we have something to talk about.

Do you think monitoring kids' homework is a violation of their privacy?

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Princesspeachfan2008 June 8, 2008, 8:48 PM

yes, it is a violation of privacy, think about parents taking pics of their kids naked and posting them in myspace, friendster or facebook, no one would like that. Also, kids need as much as privacy as adults, thats why clothes are made for us, people because we need privacy. This thing is leading to child exploitation(not the porn version, the academics version). You should not sneak in your child, if you still remember your childhood when your older sister/brother tells you to stop getting in their room and reading their diaries. It just make sense, shcool and exploitation does not go together. The next time you log in Parent Connect, think about somebody reading your diary and humiliating you infront of the public after they knew you wrote in your diary that you still wear a panty with spongebob on it. Just talk to the teacher instead about the grades, dont invade their privacy or you will just end up being a pedophile.

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