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Bring the Passion Back for Good

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3 simple ways to turn your sex drought around.


If your sex life is lagging these days, you're not alone. According to recent findings, a surprising 40 million couples have sex less than ten times a year. But parenthood doesn't have to mean the end of a healthy sex life. Here are three ways to get the passion back--for good.

Coin a pet name: No doubt about it, pet names are cutesy--but did you know they can also stroke your libidos? A linguist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that people with certain names are instantly considered more sexually attractive--and it's all because of the vowels (for women, o's and u's are hot; for men, i's and a's.). So create a passionate pet name for each other and see for yourself how it heats things up.

Re-think date night: Remember when you first met and you were both ready for sex in mere seconds? Sure, by now you know each other inside and out, but re-living what made you fall head over heels in the first place will awaken those lusty feelings once again: Visit the romantic bistro you tried on your first date, try on an old miniskirt, or just break out your wedding album. Your trip down memory lane may inspire a second honeymoon. Another idea: Try an activity that's brand-new--and frightening for both of you. Research shows activities that get your heart racing, your adrenaline pumping (two physiological signs of sexual arousal) and induces erotic attraction between two people. So watch a suspenseful flick or try mambo dancing to evoke similar feelings.

Turn off the tube: We're not kidding. A recent Italian study found that couples with a television in their bedroom have sex half as much as those who don't. And speaking of the boudoir, make a point to remove work papers, kid toys, and magazines from your shared space, and claim it a sanctuary for sleeping and sex only. That way, each time you enter, you're more likely to want to get dirty than start cleaning.

How do you keep the passion alive?

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