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Get Sunblock on Squirmy Kids

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Here are our tips for putting sunscreen on your kids--even while they're running from you.

Putting sunblock on your kids is no easy task, especially when they scream and say "it burns!" Here are our momlogic moms' picks for the best kiddie sunscreens:

sunscreen_img1.jpg 1. Mustela Sun Protection Price: $14.97 Shelf Life: 6 months. Mommy Says: "I like it because it really blocks the sun from the baby," one mom said. "But if your kids are dark-skinned like my boys, you really have to rub it in or they'll glow!"
sunscreen_img2.jpg 2. Banana Boat Quik Blok Kids Sunblock Spray Lotion SPF 35: Price: $8.49 Shelf Life: 6 months. Mommy Says: Said another office mom: "I like anything that you can spray. It's easier to apply and rub in. The spray kind isn't as cold."
sunscreen_img3.jpg 3. Coppertone Water Babies QuickCover Lotion Spray: Price: $10.79 Shelf Life: Swap it out every summer season. Mommy Says: "You can get it on them while they're in motion!"
sunscreen_img4.jpg 4. Neutrogena Oil Free Sunblock Stick: Price: $6.99 Shelf Life: It runs out before it gets old, says one mom. Mommy Says: "I put it on her face, and she wipes it on herself, says an ML'er about her daughter. "She loves it!"
sunscreen_img5.jpg 5. Kiehl's Vital Sun Protection Lotion: Price: $18.50 Shelf Life: It should last about a year, unless you keep it in a hot car. Mommy Says: "This sunscreen is focused on sensitive skin, there is no fragrance and it has very little preservatives. I love it!

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Shannon April 19, 2008, 11:36 AM

these are good picks for the simplest ones to use. because if you can’t get the sunscreen on to begin with… it doesn’t matter how good it is.

Sunshine1027 May 30, 2008, 3:08 PM

sun safety in my house is a MUST. but my daughter would never be caught dead rubbing these toxic sunscreens on her body!

i must say, i am disappointed that you only recommend chemical sunscreens, and didn’t mention the difference between physical and chemical sunscreens.

due to concern, i researched a bunch.

many studies acknowledge potential dangers from using chemical sunscreens. chemical sunscreens absorb UV rays and have the potential to disrupt hormone balance in the body, as they can mimick hormones and offset hormone balance. they are also known to irritate sensitive skin and eyes. recently there has been buzz that the chemicals washing off sunscreens at beaches are now effecting the ocean reef.

physical sunscreens on the other hand reflect UV rays. they are most often recommended for those with sensitive skin. dermatologists and pediatricians will recommend using a physical sunscreen on sensitive skin (which in my mind, is inclusive of children.)

my family uses physical sunscreen only. these are sometimes hard to choose because they can be whitening. i’ve tried many over the years and recently found the trukid sunny days spf, which my family and i love.

mommy1234 June 10, 2009, 4:54 PM

I agree totally with Sunshine1027. Trukid is my favorite skin care line for kids out there. It has a wonderful range of products that the kids can put on and use themselves. Also it’s all natural so you won’t have to worry about toxic ingredients. All in all it’s a great skin care line.

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