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God in Class?

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Despite the federal court ban on teaching the theory that God created all life, some teachers still do it.

A recent survey revealed that one in eight high school biology teachers teach the theory that God created all life (see Genesis 1-2) as a valid scientific alternative to evolution. While we are entitled to believe what we choose, some moms feel that teaching about God in science class is mixing oil and water--not to mention illegal. It definitely sparked controversy among momlogic moms:

annie.jpgI was taught creationism in school in Oklahoma INSTEAD of evolution, and I now feel cheated. I don't believe creationism should be taught in schools. I think it should be left to churches to teach that. There should be a separation between church and state, period.
jill.jpgI think there's a place and purpose to teaching kids about all religious theories....but it sure as hell shouldn't be in science class!
julie.jpgI feel both theories should be taught in science class, they both offer two completely different views of the world. I think the problem people have with intelligent design is that it's taught through the Bible and religion, and those two subjects are controversial. The intelligent design theory really does have a place in science; physics have discovered that the universe is 10% matter and 90% consciousness--intelligent consciousness. We may have evolved, but I believe it's a well-thought evolution.
jackie.jpgI'm an atheist, but I think a balanced approach is best. While I think the story of creation is somewhat like a fable (but a pretty cool story), I think that kids should understand the scientific nature of the universe.

What's your view?

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Anonymous May 10, 2010, 2:18 PM

i believe God created the world…no matter how many times you tell me in class you tell me it was evolution, i wont believe you and i will put God created the world on any test you give me

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