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How Moms Get in the Mood

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Moms share top tips on igniting their lust. Read 'em, then get inspired to adopt them into your own love life.


Many Moms are less into sex than they were pre-kids. But that doesn't mean it's impossible to rev your engine. Eight Moms share their top get-in-the-mood strategies. Read 'em, then get inspired to adopt them into your own love life.

"It sounds wacky, but my husband and I abstain from sex for a few days--even one week. We allow ourselves to kiss and grope each other but we have one rule: Our clothes stay on. The build-up is delicious torture and by the time we finally do it, we're so hot for each other that the sex is always amazing!" - Kelly, 35, Mom of 2

"I keep an erotic novel in my nightstand drawer and if I know we're going to have sex that night, I read a few quick passages to get my pulse racing. Sometimes my hubby and I read aloud to each other. We usually don't make it through one page before we're all over each other!" - Erin, 28, Mom of 1

"We simply lock our bedroom door. It doesn't sound all that exciting but just knowing the little one can't wander in with requests for a drink of water or one more bedtime story helps us relax which also makes it easier for me to orgasm." - Lisa, 32, Mom of 1

"Ten minutes before my husband gets home, I play music with a sultry beat--usually salsa or R&B--and shimmy around the house. The kids think I'm crazy, but they sometimes join in. I feel so sexy moving my hips and throwing my hair around and by the time he arrives, I'm totally riled up." - Laura, 40, Mom of 3

"I jump on my treadmill or walk around the block a few times. Not only does exercise make me alert, the endorphins give me a natural high, and a quick boost of body confidence, which makes me feel sexy." -Liz, 31, Mom of 1

"Two words: My vibrator." - Beth, 30, expecting twins

"I fantasize about the first time my husband and I made love. If I concentrate hard enough, I can literally re-live the rush and physical sensations of the first time we touched. These memories still excite me, even after six years of marriage!" - Nora, 37, Mom of 2

"Kegal exercises. I do them while on the phone, during board meetings, yes, even at the dinner table. It's totally discreet and all the friction down there gets me totally hot." - Brooke, 30, Mom of 1

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rosalie mondacci May 9, 2008, 11:07 AM

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katherine December 13, 2008, 12:41 AM

I am 35 with 3 children ages 17 15 and 9 . My husband works two jobs and I take care of the kids and bills and house and all that , I had to have a hysterectomoy 2 years ago our love life sucks real bad, I have no desire at all and I am on hormones . Nothing seems to help

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