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Kraft: Food For Dummies

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Kraft food simplifies their products and makes them no-brainers.

Normally when someone offers to help in the kitchen, we jump at the opportunity but we're not sure we want this kind of help. Are any of us really scratching our heads over a tub of cool whip thinking, 'this tub of whipped topping is just so complicated'? This major food, which has made a business out of making meals easy, has heard from consumers that its products still weren't easy enough. It's preparing to unveil 80 new products at the Food Marketing Institute show in Las Vegas.

New Products about to be unveiled:

Trekking to the freezer section for Cool Whip can be a daunting hike. Kraft's solution is a Cool Whip aerosol, which will be available in the dairy case, so it won't require a separate visit to the freezer aisle.

Sick of waiting 3-5 minutes for instant pudding? Try Kraft's Jell-O Singles, a pudding mix in powder packets that can sit in a cabinet or desk drawer without going bad, unlike its pre-made counterpart. Just mix with cold milk and watch it thicken.

Cutting and putting cream cheese on a bagel...there goes our morning! Kraft's got Bagelfuls, a frozen, microwaveable bagel and cream cheese combo that can be eaten on the go. The initial flavors are plain, strawberry, blueberry, cinnamon and whole grain.

'Mom, this Mac N' Cheese is boring, have anything Italian?' Kraft is introducing new flavors to the Mac N' Cheese microwaveable bowls, including "cheesy taco" and "easy Italian."

Hey Kraft, you want to make things easier for us, invent a pill that will make our husbands clean up dishes.

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