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MomLogic guest blogger Jodi asks: Is the term MILF flattering or offensive?


The term MILF is now everywhere. The acronym first slid into the mainstream with the raunchy movie American Pie, and more recently been used in an episode title on Showtime's Weeds and a punchline on NBC's 30 Rock.Before kids, Britney even sported a "MILF in training" tank top with pride. While arbiters of good taste might not choose to wear the label on their chests, there are certainly Moms (and men, of course) who enjoy the MILF tag.

Considering the social anthropology of men wanting to bed women they found attractive, motherhood status simply adds another layer of desire. But it's not altogether different for today's MILF man (called a "MILF hunter," according to than it was for his paleolithic predecessors:

Mothers are generally unavailable: Me want what me can't have. Mothers are generally in control of the situation and children: Me want you take care of cave. Mothers are, well, female: You woman ... me want woman.

If a man approached you and said "You're a Mom I'd like to ..." you'd slap him. Creep. Now let's have that same man say this: "Well he-llo, MILF!" Suddenly it's cute and ... what? A barometer that you've still got it?

Mom, you still got it.

While MILF might sound amusing in an acronym, ultimately it's an objectifying statement, and one that's purely sexual in an invasive, impersonal way. If only there was a title less crude and more accurate ... like: Momshell!

Because being a Mom is hot, thanks to ... Hollywood, but let's remember that celeb mamas go straight from their third trimester to the cover of People.

The ensuing Kodak moments rarely involve the glamour of midnight feedings or spit-up on your shoulder. The pressure on Citizen Moms to look good, even when two weeks postpartum, is on. If you don't look like a MILF ... and fast ... does that make one a ... MILF dud? Hmm.

Love that Moms are considered sexy instead of frumpy these days, the MILF moniker is divisive. So which is it: harmless compliment or creepy insult? Love to hear what you think.

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MWFT MOM WITH MANY TITLES  September 13, 2008, 5:36 PM

I am a hockey mom and proud of it. I am also a soccer mom, basketball mom and theater mom. These are not the only titles I have that define me. A MILF- I have been called by many male teen friends of my children. I take it in gest. I politely have changed it to Mother I Like as a Friend. I will say that these titles all including the word mom are due to how many hours we do spend on behalf of our children. And I just wonder if the girls she has will get the same attention her son got now that Sarah wants to take on the position of VP. No doubt I made a career decision that had my children first and my career second. My choice. That is because I am determined to help my children reach their absolute potential. With only so many hours in a day and the demands on all our lives becoming increasing more, I feel the Palin family has chosen her career more important than her at home duties to take priority. She was a hockey mom. I promise you she dropped that title upon taking on such demanding career choices. It requires time and dedication on behalf of your children. I am a hockey mom and a soccer mom and I am not nor will I run for VP and I am proud of that. Incidentally, my son is playing in a hockey tourni right now! My daughter plays soccer tomorrow TTFN
Mom with many titles Robin

nicole December 16, 2008, 12:48 PM

I think it’s flattering when it happens to me. I think women who complain about being expoloited as objects need to wake up to the fact that there is great power in being objectified. Women will always be portrayed as objects because of the way we look. How is being such beautiful creatures a bad thing? There are many smart intelligent women that use thier smarts by using thier looks as well.

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Eddie Poser May 13, 2010, 9:35 AM

Y’all grow up. Yes, it’s “objectifying”, because it is essentially sexual terminology — you wouldn’t use it in church, for instance. But after three decades of feminists screaming about the unobtainable standards of beauty the mainstream has forced y’all to endure, you should be grateful for the fall of the “young busty supermodel” ideal and appreciate the fact that men, when viewing things sexually, are actually putting women over 25 on their radar.

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