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Teachers from Hell

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Two shocking cases shed light on just how cruel some teachers can be to our children.


We send children to school for academics, not for abuse. But abuse is exactly what two students got from their teachers recently. In Florida, a kindergarten teacher had students vote last week whether a 5-year-old boy should be allowed to stay in class or not. (What is this--school or Survivor? "The tribe has spoken"?)

Alex Barton, who was recently diagnosed with autism, was asked to stand in front of the classroom. Alex later told his mom that the teacher then told the class, "Tell Alex why we hate him." And, one by one, that's exactly what the kids did. Then they voted him out of the classroom, 14-2. Shocking.


Another kindergarten teacher from Indiana was caught on tape berating a 5-year-old student for several minutes in front of the class. After Gabriel Ross complained for months that his teacher was mean to him, the boy's parents sent him to school one day last month with a running tape recorder in his pocket. When the parents got the tape back, they were horrified by what they heard.

Both children have been voluntarily taken out of school by their parents. Alex's teacher has been reassigned out of the classroom to the district offices pending an investigation into the matter. Gabriel's teacher has been suspended and placed on paid administrative leave while school officials conduct an investigation.

What should you do if you suspect your own child is being abused by a teacher?

Psychologist Dr. Lisa Boesky says there are three steps parents should follow:

Talk to the teacher to clarify the situation.
If you're concerned about anything that's going on in the classroom or with you child, you shouldn't hesitate to talk directly with the teacher. Listen to your gut instinct, and set up a meeting ASAP.

Stay calm.
Don't storm in to the teacher's office acting accusatory or demanding. Instead, calmly, kindly, and directly communicate your concerns.

If you're not satisfied, go to the principal.
You'll know within the first five minutes if you are getting a straight answer from your child's teacher or not. If you aren't happy with the results of your meeting with the teacher, it's time to go over the teacher's head and set up an appointment with the principal.

If your kid's had a "teacher from hell," how did you deal with it?

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Karla Akins October 7, 2008, 9:00 PM

And people wonder why I home school. Yeah, right.

Karen March 26, 2009, 11:33 AM

People have to realize that teachers like these are so out of the morm. I am a middle school teacher myself and I can tell you that we go into this profession because we want to help children. Also, we go through so much training in college and before we begin working on how to be sensitive to students needs and how to react in a correct manner to all situations. These teachers should have never been passed, and I do agree that treating students in the manner they did should result in revoking of their license and termination from the school. But parents please remember, the majority of us teachers are doing this job because we want to and because we want your childern to succeed.

Annoyed March 26, 2009, 5:00 PM

OMG!!!! These are little kids and the one has AUTISM!!!!!! What I wouldnt give to bash those teachers heads together!!!! >:-(

mommyto4 March 26, 2009, 9:00 PM

I have 4 children one of which is Autistic, I would be furious if anyone did anything like this to my little boy, sure at times he is not the easiest person to deal with, and a lot of times he cannot tell me exactly what it is that is causing him to be disagreeable, but his kindergarten and first grade teachers thus far have done an outstanding job with him, I am sorry for these families that are going through this, and for these poor little children who will surely face esteem issues on top of the issues they already face in life because of some bully of a person.
I have been a nurse for 14 years, and in that 14 years i have taken a lot of abuse from my patients (alzheimer’s patients) and though these are full grown adults and often bigger and stronger than I am, I have to ignore said abuse and remove myself from the situation when necessary, I cannot say mean things or in any way retaliate with my patients, and thats how teachers should be taught to be as well

OrigamiB March 29, 2009, 5:25 PM

The evil witch that humiliated the little autistic boy should burn in hell. My own daughter had a ‘teacher from hell’. He bullied and abused the children in his class constantly and encouraged other students to bully and abuse the students he did not like, including my child. He also had a bit too much interest in the little girls, if you get my drift. He’s been warned to keep his distance and seemed to like to come as close to getting fired as he could. He chose to ‘retire’ suddenly—in November— the year after my daughter left his class. Good riddance to the basta*d. I wish I’d known then, what I know now. He’d be retired, alright…permanently…under a coffin lid.

OrigamiB March 29, 2009, 5:47 PM

Parents—ever hear teachers and administrators getting nostalgic over the “good old days” when a teacher’s word was all that a parent needed to believe? And hear them moan about parents believing their “little darlings” over adults and being “in denial”? NEWSFLASH for them. This is why parents MUST not believe everything that comes out of a teacher’s mouth. I was working in my child’s school and stayed for lunch with my first grader in the school cafeteria (with about three other parents that particular day). My daughter asked to be excused to use the restroom and was gone from the cafeteria for about FOUR minutes. Later a teacher (not my child’s) accused my daughter in a very nasty tone of voice (similar to the witch in this recording)of having wandered in the halls for more than TWENTY minutes. Mind you, I was there and was able to tell the teacher that she was mistaken. What if I had not been? Teachers can(and some do)exaggerate more than children. Do not trust blindly. Protect your kids.

kelly April 15, 2009, 8:32 PM

I guess it must be very easy to become a teacher because any psycho can just get hired and abuse… I meant teach.

Anna April 24, 2009, 2:11 PM

I am a Special Education major and this makes me sick! General Education teachers need to accept that there are children with autism and other disabilities in this world! We shouldn’t shun them just because they are different! We should embrace them! Having children with disabilities in the classroom help both them, and “typical” student learn from each other not to grow up ignorant like that teacher!

person July 26, 2010, 1:10 PM

that teach is stupid i hate people like that i really do. IDIOTS!!!!!!!!Doesnt everyone agree?? the people need to learn and fast!!!!

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