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For Dads Only

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Want breakfast in bed this Mother's Day?  Does Dad need help to pull this off? Momlogic contributor Korey Provencher is here to help with some easy-to-follow recipes.

So, it's Mother's've been trying to find the perfect gift for your wife ... You spent thousands of dollars on eBay for tickets to see Oprah that turned out to be fake. You gave even more to Brad Pitt's charity hoping he would send your wife a message. But no luck. So you went to buy her a Birkin bag and then realized it cost more than your car.

What to do? Why not head into the kitchen and give you wife something that will really knock her out.

Here are some ideas for cooking a perfect breakfast for a perfect day. 

For the Dad who likes to think he's Bobby Flay:

Breakfast Panini with Spinach & Herb Goat Cheese:

Does Mom like to be comforted? And does Dad like to cook? Try this!

Click here for recipe.

Serve this with:  

Brown Sugar Glazed Bacon:

And if they love the perfect accessory, add this to the plate.

Click here for recipe.

Fresh Fruit Salad:

If you have one of those wives who thinks the world revolves around her yoga mat and Jamba Juice...try this new take on a delicious fruit salad.

Click here for recipe.

Oatmeal Brulee with Rasperries:

OK, if you really want to WOW your wife and make her feel like she is a total queen...try's 10 times easier than it sounds.

Click here for recipe.

Parmesan Eggs Benedict with Pesto:

Serve this decadent treat with a wonderfully delicious mimosa and Mom will be in heaven. We know this recipe is going to sound a little crazy, but jut trust us, it's wonderful and so simple.

Click here for recipe.

Now...if you are really your favorite local restaurant, order breakfast...make your wife a bubble bath so she doesn't hear the delivery man ring the bell, then put all the food on your own plates and call it a day. It's fine!

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Anonymous May 12, 2008, 11:03 AM

korey is a genius! these are great

Pat May 12, 2008, 4:25 PM

I used to watch him on The View and have been trying to find him ever since. Thanks momlogic!

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