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Top 5 C-Section Surprises

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Guest Blogger Alysa: Why the bleep don't they tell you this stuff BEFORE the C-section?


As one of the last of my friends to have a baby, I would expect to know almost everything about childbirth. Most of my girlfriends have had at least one C-section, and knowing all along mine was going to be scheduled, you'd think nine months would be enough time to fill me in on what to expect. During pregnancy, I had none of these symptoms. After the baby was born, things immediately started happening to my body. When confronted for withholding info, my friends all said something like, "Yeah. I forgot about that." It's been eight weeks and here are five things I'll never forget:

1) Gas. Coming out of everywhere.

Still is. This hit me two days after the birth. The pain actually made me scream in agony. Apparently gas pains can be more intense than labor pains. I can now out-burp my husband. I have no shame.

2. Cankles.

Connected to the tree stumps I now had for legs. Lasted about two weeks. Make sure you bring a floor-length robe to the hospital. And pull up the socks, old-school style.

3. Frozen peas for aching breasts.
This is the remedy my nurse swears by. If you don't like peas, corn niblets work just as well.

4. The first poop (I'm a mom, I can use this word) is the hardest. 
Especially if you're taking extra iron. I sent my husband home on the fourth night so my 3 a.m. witness was the nurse who had been pushing the iron pill & stool softener cocktail. She was so proud that she hugged me.

5. Morphine button
Attached to my arm. For 24 hours. This is one benefit to having a C-section. Press it all you want. Press it when you don't even need it.

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megan June 12, 2008, 8:09 PM

This stuff doesn’t seem that different from the after effects of vag. birth.

Stephanie June 13, 2008, 3:15 PM

Thanks for the info!!! i’m due oct.19th.

reneejohnson June 15, 2008, 4:01 AM

i am a parent of a 14 year old and i had a c-section.what i did notice after my daughters birth is the fact that it is harder to lose my baby stomach after her birth.i felt like it was an easy birth for me because i didnt have to do all of the pushing and i didnt have to worry about the pain of pushing.the only discomfort i would say was after the pain medication wore off .but if it were up to me and god blesses me with another child i would probably want another c-section.

Anonymous June 15, 2008, 5:10 PM

I had a section last April and am scheduled to have another with my 2nd child in August. Yes, your tummy is sore for a few days, but even with a traditional birth you’re going to be sore regardless. I didn’t get cankles or bad gas pain… and I don’t remember having a morphine drip. I took mild pain medication just for a few days. Sections are not the worse thing in the world, in fact, I preferred it!

lacy June 20, 2008, 2:33 PM

i have to have a c-section october the 4th. to tell you the truth im glad im having one. not because i dont want a natural birth, just because the whole pregnancy i am not at all in control of anything and knowing im having her on a set date puts my mind at ease. i am scared of course, but i would be just as nervous if i were having a vag. birth. giving birth is pretty scary to any new mom. but good luck everyone! :)

Katie January 7, 2009, 10:58 PM

I had a c-section October of 2007. No one told me it would feel like I was DYING (I really thought I was). Being paralyzed and strapped down, it felt like a cross between death by lethal injection, and that alien autopsy movie. No one told me my heart would race so hard, that I thought I was having a heart attack (later found out it was from an adrenaline shot they give you). And that my arms would be strapped down away from my sides in a “T” shape. I had a severe urge to throw up, but couldn’t (I would have stuck my finger down my throat, but my hands were strapped). While they were pulling my daughter out, the Dr. made an “UUUUH” sound of extreme effort… I felt like I was being disemboweled, because although I had no pain, I could feel everything. Not to mention the chit chat of the dr’s amongst each other while I was being sewn up was dehumanizing. My whole body shook uncontrollably for two hours, the nurses said it is common because of the trauma of surgery (I couldn’t hold my baby). The c-section was not by my choice (the dr’s thought she was too big 9.4lbs to be delivered naturally), and if I had known that in order to have another baby, I’d have to have another c-section… I’d NEVER have more kids (and I wanted like 5 lol).
Also, I never got a morphine pump!! Heck, they didn’t even give me vicodin! I found out over a day later that I needed to ASK for it… and 3 hours after my c-section, the nurses made me put my baby between my (still numb) legs and lean over my incision to change her diaper MYSELF! They said that wasn’t their job.. I cried that whole night, 2nd worst experience of my life. And unfortunately, thats my daughter’s birth story lol

Allison June 2, 2009, 7:58 AM

Yeah, this stuff happens with vaginal births also and doesn’t happen to everyone, regardless of what type of birth you have.

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