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An Expert Take On Vaccines

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A pediatrician weighs in on the rise of autism.

Momlogic friend Dr. Cara Natterson gives us her perspective on what may be causing autism:

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Joe  March 23, 2009, 2:01 PM

Dr. Cara Natterson please read this and then comment it will be in 4 post. I am the Dad of a 18 year old with vaccine injury presenting as as autism like symptoms

I know this is long, but it’s worth the read I wrote this Dr.last week here is the letter I wrote to him with a few changes, to date no reply. Dr. Wolynn in reply to your article “What vaccine delima”, I sent this to my cousin a 30 yr nurse. It explains that there was no reason the special masters ruled the way they did. Because they had nothing left it had been stripped away from them by the NIEHS, and this proves it. But Dr. wolynn you know, when you write the rules you win the game! But after reading this, you will have to come to the conclusion Dr. Wolynn. Is this the kind of science you can be proud of,? to present as proof that vaccines don’t cause autism and are safe. I think not! And if you have a shred of integrity and compassion for children, and you went into being a pediatrician for the right reason you would have to agree. On all that you are reading, I can give you documentation just ask. Dr. Wolynn there appears to be some things that according to your article you did not know. I am sending you these emails, to hopefully educate you in this matter. Dr. Wolynn isn’t it funny how all those crack reporters at NBC ABC CNN and all that’s out there,and apparently you never got wind of. Something of this magnitude And this important, would be as they are always say BREAKING NEWS!. Wouldn’t you think the U.S. CDC Dir. admitting that all the flag ship studies she had maintained was of well design, and good Quality and Robust, were in fact useless. And she even suggested that the VSD, well I will just let her speak for herself. Dir. of the CDC adding that her agency “does not plan to use” the database in question, the Vaccine Safety Data Link, (VSD) for any future “ecological studies” of autism.In fact, Gerberding’s report said, any continued use of the VSD for similar ecological studies of vaccines and autism “would be uninformative and potentially misleading.” ( And were told, were misleading the public )By doing this, she is insuring that it the VSD will never be used against her in future litigation. That was a tactical move by the Dir. to protect herself from her incompetence.

Joe  March 23, 2009, 2:10 PM

Dr. Cara Natterson
Continued from my previous post What ever happened to the well designed good quality robust studies in the VSD and over seas, that she the Dir.of the CDC claimed they had ? Answer is simple, they never existed!You talk about being duped by junk science, this example! should be considered the gold standard, of junk science. ( And one of the worse cases of incompetence, in medical history. ) Where is all the competent journalist? Answer asleep at the switch and with good company the CDC FDA IOM and the AAP “BREAKING NEWS!!!” “CDC Director Dr. Julie Gerberding has delivered a potentially explosive report to the powerful House Appropriations Committee, in which she admits to a startling string of errors in the design and methods used in the CDC’s landmark 2003 study that found no link between mercury in vaccines and autism, ADHD, speech delay or tics. Dr. wolynn this is the studies the IOM used to conclude that vaccines are not associated with autism. It seems that mountain of evidence they claimed they had was in fact a mirage. Could someone deliver this email to the Not So Special Masters and inform them, that they have apparently made a huge mistake. Maybe they weren’t privied to this kind of information! These next lines say it all, and proves my point (what science is the special masters referring that in their words was so overwhelming????) Dr. Wolynn One of the government CDC witness on the issue of Thimerosal had to bail because of a paper he had written a while back, and it was just the opposite of what they wanted him to claim. And he said he might even be committing purgery. so he bailed on them and with good reason. Dir. of the CDC ‘s response to the allegations that their flag ship studies were fatally flawed according to congress and the NEIHS “CDC concurs,” Dr. Gerberding wrote in an undated mea culpa to Congress, Definitions of mea culpa on the Web: an acknowledgment of your error or guilt The head of the CDC is saying that its most powerful and convincing piece of exonerating evidence for thimerosal is, in effect, “useless.” You would think that make headlines all over the world needless to say it did not make any mainstream news.

Joe  March 23, 2009, 2:16 PM

Dr. Cara Continued from my previous post lets not forget the statement from the chair of the NIEHS panel ordered by congress to look at the evidence of the CDC. I will just let her speak for her self also. Dr. Irva Hertz-Picciotto, As questionable as the US thimerosal study was, “it was an improvement on other studies, including the two in Denmark, both of which had serious weaknesses in their designs,” Dr. Irva Hertz-Picciotto, Professor of Public Health at UC Davis Medical School and Chair of the NIEHS panel, told reporter Dan Olmsted at UPI.That leaves very little for the CDC to go on in terms of proving that thimerosal and autism are not associated in any way. It doe’s appear Dr. that the NOT! so special masters are confused in who had the, in their words Overwhelming evidence. Dr. wolynn as you can see even a Fifth grader can figure out, it was not the CDC. The Question of the day, Dr. wolynn are you smarter than, or at least as smart as a fifth grader? truth at all relevant to you? My very very sick son that may have to spend the rest of his entire life in an institution because of people like you that will not acknowledge the truth, would like to know. Dr. Wolynn you said “Unfortunately, a handful of infamous scientists and physicians blame vaccines for causing autism, but they have, at best, conducted lousy research, or, at worst, lied.” . Dr. Wolynn if what I have written is true, then you are the one lying to the public. For as I have proven the population based studies you site as proof that there is no link, were discredited by the NIH’s NIEHS. Now Dr.I would like to ask you something personal do you have a conscience left?? Dr. people like you need to remember what is written out side the building of the National Academies of Sciences. “The right to search for truth implies also a duty. One must not conceal any part of what one has recognized to be true.” Albert Einstein (engraved on National Academy of Sciences building in Washington, D.C., location of NIH & IOM) Albert Einstein would be appalled if he could see how corrupt & uncaring our government health agency’s have become today, It seems to me that there is no integrity left at the CDC,

Joe  March 23, 2009, 2:20 PM

Imagine Dr. Cara and medical professionals If we parents were to demand you in the medical field stop using the purple non allergenic gloves because of a cost factor. and go back to the Latex gloves that was endangering those in the medical profession. Your words would be something like this, some who have allergies to latex could get sick and even die of being allergic to the latex. But Dr.s it’s the same argument we do not no who is allergic to the ingredients of vaccines and who is not. So here’s where common sense comes into play, and you ere on the the side of caution. You don’t give 9 vaccines on one day 7 of which contain the mercury and learn, that amount of mercury equals 32,500 ppb when 200 ppb is considered liquid toxic waste. And then conclude that amount could not hurt a child. Especially when we seem to have a subset of children that cannot process heavy metals, my sons glutathione level is so low he cannot stop making testosterone, And he was roid raging before finding out he had three times the level of a normal child of testosterone and we put him on lupron, now hes not near as aggressive. So having a child with Autism you learn how to do your own research, and some of these parents deserve a honorary medical degree for all they have tried to teach the medical community. If only they would listen to the parents who know their children better than anybody. And stop trying to out smart GOD! PS my sons Testosterone was in overdrive because of Thimerosal depleting his glutathione to a point the switch, so to speak was left in the open position.

Joe  March 23, 2009, 2:23 PM

Now Dr.Natterson please defend you video
against what I wrote just for you.

Joe Dad of colton

Joe  March 23, 2009, 2:30 PM

amended to this
Now Dr.Natterson please defend YOUR video against what I wrote just for you. Joe Dad of colton

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