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Birth Certificates for Stillborns?

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This explosive issue creates controversy among parents.


Lawmakers in New York are pushing for birth certificates to be issued when babies are stillborn. Presently, parents only receive a fetal death certificate in such cases. But for many families, a birth certificate is a symbolic way to recognize and validate that their child actually existed.

Opponents of this practice say that issuing birth certificates to stillborn sets a dangerous precedent that could later be used to violate abortion rights. If a stillborn baby gets a birth certificate, that signifies life. And that could mean that a growing fetus also has life, which could threaten Roe v. Wade.

What do you think: Should stillborn babies receive a birth certificate or not?

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Tyler's Mom November 26, 2008, 7:39 PM

I just gave birth to my son who was 6 pounds and 9 oz. and 18 inches long on Oct. 28,2008. He was delivered in my 40 week of pregnancy and he was stillborn. I went to my weekly routine doctors appointment and did not hear his heart beat. I was rushed to the hospital only to have the heart wrenching news to be true. I then had to undergo induced vaginal labor - which for me was 24 hours long. I had to deliver my son knowing that he was already gone. I never got to see the color of my sons eyes. I never got to hear him cry. I will never know if his smile is like mine or his dads. I will never have baby pictures. I am still coping with this tradegy as it has not even been a month yet. His due date was Oct 31. I know he did not take a breath. I know he did have a heartbeat when he was born. Yet, I was only given his death certificate. I can have a death certificate but not a birth certificate ? That is such a slap in the face to me. That is like saying he was never born at all. One out of 300 babies will be stillborn. Think of the general population, and that is a huge number of stillborns. I am not here to be anti abortion or pro. I am here for my son. He is buried in a casket. He is a baby - my baby. Unless you have walked in my shoes, how dare you argue over a piece of paper that would validate what I have gone thru over my son. Anyones identity can be stolen at any time in their life. How can I receive a death certificate if I don’t receive a birth certificate first ? Wouldnt logic say you have to be born first in order for death to follow ? A birth certificate is just that - I gave birth to my son. Perhaps the people that feel that this isnt important or just want to plain argue -would want to hold my son and look in my eyes and tell me that he isnt worth a birth certificate. That his life didnt mean anything. He was everything to me. He was my first born. He was my baby. He is my son, Tyler.

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