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Gifts for the Gadget Daddy

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Buying for the gadget-obsessed guy in your family? We talked to "high-tech mommy" Cat Schwartz for this year's top tech gifts, all guaranteed to make him geek out. (One will even make him WANT to do the family errands--we swear!)

These gadgets (priced from $17 to $100) will keep him occupied for at least a few hours. Phew.

007 toothbrush

OHSO Pocket Toothbrush: Does Dad think he's 007? Give him the ultimate travel toothbrush that looks like a spy gadget. It holds toothpaste in a special chamber, so he doesn't have to carry both. $17.99

AudioWrapz iPod Cover : These cool iPod covers come with built-in speakers so he can protect his Nano while rocking out. $25

Click here for a chance to win.

ipod cover
web cam speaker

Speaker/Webcam: This Boyng Alibi is a speaker and webcam in one, so he can send video messages while playing his favorite tunes at the office. Hope he'll still come home in time for dinner! $59.99

Video Watch: For the true techie, this watch from ThinkGeek plays audio AND video. This wristwatch comes with a full-color screen. He can also record notes to self and even shopping lists--he'll never forget the milk again! $70 video watch

Solar-Powered Bluetooth: The first solar-powered Bluetooth from Iqua Sun has a photovoltaic cell that uses available light to charge itself. (Gadget Daddy will know what "photovoltaic" means!) $99.99

Tomorrow: Gifts if your guy's a jock.
Friday: We've got the do-it-yourself Dad covered!

mary_alice_haney_thumb.jpg Mary Alice Haney is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle
editor and mom of one with another on the way.

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