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Grade School Hickeys?

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Momlogic's Julie says: Last night, I discovered my 7-year-old had given himself a hickey on his arm.


I noticed a big red welt on my son's arm yesterday. I asked him how he'd gotten it, and he said he didn't know. I shrugged it off, figuring it was just one of the usual scrapes he often gets from riding his bike or his scooter. No biggie.

But later, when we were getting on his PJs, I noticed it looked strangely like...a hickey. Whoa, hadn't seen one of those since high school. No way--it couldn't be. Or could it?

I asked my son again how he'd gotten the mark on his arm. He sheepishly admitted he'd been sucking on his arm while watching an episode of Spongebob with his little sister. WTF? I was instantly horrified. Was this normal?

Pediatrician Dr. Gwenn says, "I'm not sure I'd be alarmed, but I'd want to find out how and why it occurred. Was it part of a game? Who thought it up? Sometimes it is as innocent as a kid saying, 'Hey, look what I can do!' and other kids following. Find out the ages of kids and what was going on. I suspect it is all very innocent. Try to remain calm on the outside, no matter how much you're freaking on the inside!"

"Kids giving hickeys because they can is just 'stupid kid tricks,'" Dr. Gwenn continues. "But, if a kid has a hickey somewhere they shouldn't or is being taught how to give a hickey for a reason that sound sexualized, then worry and gently ask more questions. Try to remain calm on the outside, no matter how much you're freaking on the inside."

Has your kid ever had a "grade school hickey"?

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