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Scott Baio reveals daughter's life-threatening health scare: Actor Scott Baio went from a carefree bachelor to a father whose daughter faced a fatal disorder. After Bailey DeLuca was born, she was diagnosed with GA-1, a metabolic disorder that can cause seizures and be potentially life-threatening. After a series of tests, Bailey is in the clear. Apparently, she was initially misdiagnosed. Scott and his new wife have established a foundation to help other parents facing this issue nonetheless.

Man killed by police for stomping toddler to death: A California town is reeling after a man stomped a 1- or 2-year-old toddler to death on a rural road. Police shot and killed the suspect who refused to stop beating the child when confronted. The child was reportedly so badly injured that DNA testing is needed to determine his identity. Authorities say no children in the area have been reported missing.

Coffee good for the female heart: A new study finds that women who drink coffee are 23% less likely to die from heart disease than those women who do not. Women who have between 2 and 3 cups of caffeinated coffee each day are also 18% less likely to die from other illnesses besides cancer or heart disease.

Spicy food before bed leads to a restless night's sleep: The old wives' tale is true: Eating spicy food before bedtime will lead to a bad night's sleep. Research shows that eating food with an extra kick makes it more difficult to fall asleep and disrupts your normal sleep pattern.

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