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Rudest Parents Ever!

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After she's confronted by two rude parents, guest blogger Role Mommy sounds off on kiddy party etiquette.


I just threw my son's 6th birthday bash yesterday at an amusement park and, for the most part, it was a smashing success. While it was a little chaotic searching for parents and their kids at the entrance, I managed to find most of the partygoers and hand out over a dozen free ride wristbands within 20 minutes.

But then a mom I really don't care for showed up with her husband. Instantly, I was given the third degree.

"Are you paying for parking?"
"Are you buying wristbands for the parents?"
"Are you providing food for the parents?"

After I attempted a fake smile and quickly answered "No" to all three of their rapid-fire questions, I glanced around and saw a lot of kids leaving the table and racing around the picnic tent. At which point, Mr. Annoying asked his next probing question:

"Is anyone supervising these kids?"

I gave him a look like I could rip his head right off his shoulders and proceeded to ignore his question, gathering the kids for cake. Minutes later, he asked again...

"WHO is supervising these kids?"

I couldn't take another second of this guy. "The parents are supposed to supervise their own kids," I replied icily. "That's the reason this isn't a drop-off party!"

My husband sensed the irritation in my voice and instantly rushed over to diffuse the situation. At that point, I figured we were finished dealing with Mr. and Mrs. Annoying.


A few minutes later, they did the unthinkable. They proceeded to change their 1-year-old's dirty diaper on top of a picnic table. Ewwww! What the heck is wrong with these people? Who would change a child's dirty diaper on a picnic table? Ummm, that would be the same people who did the same thing last year in the middle of my son's 5th birthday celebration on top of my brand new loveseat.

Later that day, I was browsing through digital photos of the party. Though I didn't have enough time to take that many pics, a friend of mine offered to take a photo of my family around the birthday cake. When I saw the photo, my jaw dropped. Guess who was sporting a toothless grin right along with us? Mr. and Mrs. Annoying's son! Of course.

I've officially decided these people have been raised in a cave and have no clue about kiddy party etiquette. And trust me, next year, they won't have to worry about parental supervision at my son's birthday party. Why, you may ask? Simple: Because they won't be invited back!

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Kimberly Coleman June 1, 2008, 6:16 PM

Those things were pretty rude. I especially don’t like when parents just change their babies any old place. That’s pretty tasteless.

anon June 2, 2008, 8:57 AM

You are lucky they are not relatives and that you can chose whether to invite them or not. Some of us don’t have that luxury!!

Sara June 2, 2008, 12:11 PM

The diaper changing on a picnic table is beyond rude, however, the rest of the rudeness falls on the host.
If parents are required to stay at the party and supervise their own child the why should they be expected to pay for their own parking, admission and food, in addition to a gift for the birthday child ? This sounds like the “party” consisted of parents watching their kids at an amusement park. What kind of party is this ? I guess I am from a different place but I provide plenty of supervision for the children at my kids parties. If a parent chooses to stay, I provide them with food and they can participate in the activities as well. This is the job of a host. If parents are expected to stay you pay for their costs. After all, if you can’t afford it, scale down the party.

JLA June 2, 2008, 12:56 PM

I agree the diaper thing is gross. Although, I agree with Sara that it’s kind of cheesy to have a party where people have to pay their own admission. Even if guests are cool with that it should have been clearly stated on the invitation so people could choose to attend or not attend based on how much the day would cost them.

Julie June 2, 2008, 2:27 PM

You expected the parents to stay, but did not provide food for them? I think you’re the rude one.

Jeanne Breault June 2, 2008, 2:37 PM

I have to agree with JLA and Sara…I’ve had waterpark birthday parties for my kids, but made sure I had enough adults (friends of mine who were willing to stay and help keep an eye on kids - I didn’t want any parents I didn’t care to spend time with hanging around!)

The birthday package included an arrangement that allowed adults not wearing swimwear to have a special wristband (which I paid for, $5 if I recall correctly) and there was plenty of drinks and pizza for the adults to eat as well.

I’m sorry you had this experience, but I think it’s a little unreasonable to ask parents to stay at the party with their kids - especially 6-year-olds. I’m not sure I would even do it if I didn’t have to pay - I loved those “drop off” parties where I could go shopping or nap or whatever! At the least I would have traded duty with another mom - she takes kids to this one and I’ll do next, or vice verse.

Hopefully at least your child had a good time!

stevenbrycesmomm June 2, 2008, 4:57 PM

The diaper changing was rude but I think your attitude was flat out rude also. You can not expect to ask people to stay at a party you are hosting and not offer food for them. If you are unable to supervise all of the children at the party then maybe you should have considered having the party at home in a smaller space. You may want to brush up on your Emily Post before pointing fingers at others.

Petah June 2, 2008, 7:23 PM

I agree that they may have been beyond rude with the changing the diaper thing, but shouldn’t you have clearly stated on the invitations what would be provided/paid for and what was expected of them?

That way they wouldn’t have offended you with their seemingly genuine questions. I know I would need the answer to those questions…

EG June 3, 2008, 2:16 PM

I would not have a birthday party that put a large burden of cost on families of the guests. If I wanted parents to attend the party, I’d have a family party like a cookout. If I wanted to go to an amusement park, I’d have my child pick 1-2 close friends and I would fund and supervise the outing.

Maybe the couple isn’t charming, but it probably cost them $75 just to park and get in the gate, then another $20 to feed themselves while there.

monimom3 June 7, 2008, 7:13 PM

I agree that the diaper changing was rude. I don’t think you were rude. However,I think you were remiss in providing information. All information about the party and activities should have been on the invite. The other parents would have known what to expect.

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