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The Kids' Sad Reality

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The topic of children on reality shows is one that can get heated among moms in seconds.

From Dina Lohan and Denise Richards to shows like Kid Nation, everyone (and their mother) has an opinion on whether it's OK to subject kids to the reality spotlight. ABC News turned to momlogic's own Rabbi Sherre Hirsch to find out how damaging it really is to have kids on reality TV.


Rabbi Sherre pulls no punches when she exclaims that it is the parents who are seeking fame, not the kids. "These children aren't old enough to make these decisions. As a responsible parent, you don't put your child in a situation that is not safe." Read her entire interview on ABC News.

Can it be that it's all bad, or does the level of damage to a reality kid depend on the family? While we hear of the shows that end up with kids in rehab or prison--could there ever be a happy ending?

Reality TV has made itself an easy target for criticism. But, since the beginning of show business, kids have appeared in commercials, starred in movies and competed in pageants. Is that just as bad? For every Lindsay Lohan, Jack Osborne and Different Strokes' Dana Plato--where the spotlight exacerbated a bigger problem--there is a Leonardo Dicaprio, Ron Howard and Jodi Foster who make you wonder if their parents helped a dream come true.

We want to hear what you think. Are reality kids exploited, or is this the opportunity of a lifetime?

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goodcoin.weeblydotcom June 28, 2008, 9:46 AM

Its both a blessing and a curse, But I will never allow my kids to go in front of the camera. TOO much drama.

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