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Who's Sleeping with Your Husband?

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The other woman wants you to know--your husband is cheating and she's loving it. Find out why.

It feels like an epidemic. From politicians sleeping with high-priced prostitutes, the cover of New York magazine revealing The Secret Lives of Married Men and recent allegations in Vanity Fair magazine that former president Clinton had an affair with actress Gina Gershon, we're constantly being bombarded with reports about infidelity.

Research shows up to 60% of men will have affairs while they're married. That's 3 out of 5! What drives them to do it, and what can we do to make sure it doesn't happen to us?

We went straight to the source to uncover the real story about why our husbands are cheating. You'll hear from four self-proclaimed mistresses and a loud and proud prostitute as they reveal why our husbands are turning to them for sex and companionship. No woman expects her husband will be the one who cheats. But the odds aren't in your favor. Find out why, how you can tell, and what you can do if it's happening to you. 

Have you ever wondered what married men tell their mistresses about you and why they're cheating?

Find out what your husband tells HER about YOU and what you can do to affair-proof your marriage right NOW. Click on part 2 below.

Take our Sex, Lies and Cheating Poll.


Click here to see the Hollywood's Rumored 'Other Women' Gallery.

About the Experts...
spacer dr shannon fox
Shannon Fox is a licensed family therapist in Los Angeles and a mother of three.
  rabbi sherre hirsch
Rabbi Sherre Hirsch is a mother of three and the author of We Plan, God Laughs, and offers non-denominational spiritual advice.


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Anonymous June 3, 2008, 9:18 PM

I dont know why any woman who has been with a married man would BOAST about it! Doesn’t mean they are any more attractive or better than the guy’s wife. It just means they are different! The guy is a scum bag, and that scum bag isn’t even willing to leave his wife for the skank thats having the affair with him! So what does the skank have to boast about?

Taz June 3, 2008, 9:24 PM

Cheating is not about love-it’s about sex.Being faithful is not about sex-it’s about love.If he cheats on you-then he doesn’t love you,and none of us deserve to go through life with a spouse that doesn’t love us.So,while it’s a painful way to find out the relationship is doomed-it’s still better than wasting years with the wrong person.

K June 3, 2008, 9:26 PM

I was driven to cheat when I was married since my wife didn’t care for sex, didnt like touching, and basicly cold. So what is a man to do when he is like an oven and wife is like a freezer and says its me with the problem>>

Well, Ed, if things are so bad with your wife, get a divorce FIRST then go find someone else. My husband used the same excuse, but when I told him to get a divorce he came crawling back and now I am stuck with him. I wish he had just gotten a divorce, because the whole relationship feels artificial now, but since I took him back, in this state I can’t use adultery as grounds for divorce anymore and that is the only way to get alimony here. By the way, I wasn’t cold, I was tired from raising 3 kids and running a house on my own while he was out of town “working”. When he gets mad at me, he threatens to cheat again, I don’t tell him, but I hope he does because I don’t even care anymore and I will come out of this smelling like roses, I have always held up my end of this marriage and in 17 years have turned him down maybe 6 or 7 times, I just don’t want to do the crazy stuff he wants me to do.

You are not thinking about your or your wifes happiness. Give yourselves both a future and break it off if you can’t be happy with her and only her. Trust me, if she knows what you are up to, she is just as bitter if not more bitter than I am. I am not as bitter as I sound, just unhappy.

PAUL BARRESI June 3, 2008, 9:28 PM

Men satisfy different tastes from different fountains. PAUL BARRESI

Tina June 3, 2008, 9:28 PM

Bad enough that the man is cheating on his wife but for that woman to PROUDLY say she loves to sleep with married men is beyond stupid. She’s so dumb she doesn’t even know that she’s just being used. No man wants to marry a cheap ho and when all is said and done, she’s still alone, still trying to get a married man in the sack because all she can get is a taste of someone else’s man. PATHETIC! So she’s not a hooker, she’s worse, she’s a bottom feeder. EW

joe June 3, 2008, 9:29 PM

i have been married twice and both wives cheated on me, now both of them want to come back to me cause they finally realized what they had but did not want, there is no way i will take neither of them back i have a 31 yr old son with the first one and a 14 yr old daughter with the second one and they both live with me

sugar June 3, 2008, 9:29 PM

people cheat for different reasons and it all depends on the person. no one is the same and has the same reasons to cheat. i dont agree with it though, why bother going behind someones back when you can just tell them and if your scared of the outcome o well move on. thats life. some people have the intentions of hurting their spouse that they cheat on others dont and it just happens. but either way i think the second you know its wrong or you have to think bout it twice, you’ve hurt someone you once love or loved.

Delilah June 3, 2008, 9:30 PM

Ed on June 3, 2008 8:20 PM wrote:

I was driven to cheat when I was married since my wife didn’t care for sex, didnt like touching, and basicly cold. So what is a man to do when he is like an oven and wife is like a freezer and says its me with the problem>

You are a sick and disguisting man and each of those 19 people who agree with you are just as mentally ill. If you and your wife are having problems like this the best solution would be counseling. I don’t know what’s going on between you two but my guess is that you need to connect on an intellectual and emotional level better. If you just want to have sex all the time of course she’s not going to be into you. Women want more than physical pleasure. Maybe you should try respecting her… pig.

Cat June 3, 2008, 9:35 PM

I am the mistress and the cheater. I cheated on my husband with a married man. The reason…my husband never gave me any attention, took me out to dinner maybe once a year, never bought me flowers, and never let me have anythng for the house without having to beg, nevermind buying anything for myself. I was never afforded the oppertunity to get an education after H.S….and then we had children. Now..The man i cheated on him with….he is never given attention at home, she offers him sex if he’s lucky 2 times a year. She never compliments him or shows him any form of attention, be it a hug or a kiss or even a wink. As a matter of fact she goes out of her way to make fun of him…for the way he dresses and even the way he looks. She hasn’t any friends, doesnt like to dance or go out…he loves all of that…he is a people person such as myself. So it isnt just the sex that causes a person to cheat…it is a desire to feel beautiful, appreciated…noticed. The sex comes after. To both sexes…make each other the center of your attention.

Starchild June 3, 2008, 9:35 PM

I have read all of the blogs and comments. Thanx. I am a married woman who is married to my husband going on 17 years. We have built a strong relationship, have a wonderful 12 year old son, and while he has other children with others, I have learned to accept it. What hurts is the fact that he is still carrying on an affair with this b***who unfortunately had his child, and he still finds excuses to spend time with the b***. Many times she has tried and failed to get my husband and I to divorce. I have a good career, while she has no identity and a criminal record. She’s using my husband as a scape goat. He’s always broke, paying her bills because she can’t get a job. I have learned my lesson about infidelity from church and being the product of an affair between my mother and my father (who was already married when he and my mother produced me and 3 other siblings.) I think its sick and a sign of desperation on anyone who comes between a married couple who took vows to honor and love until death do them part. Woe! t o the whores and whoremongers out there! Alpha1

GrammyG June 3, 2008, 9:38 PM

You say that 60% of married men have at least one affair? Well, don’t forget to do the math. Men, remember that any one of these mistresses could be your wife, sister, daughter or mother. The well-worn myth that men are “by nature” polygamous and women are monogamous is just that — a myth. Any first grader knows how to do the math that proves this.

Anonymous June 3, 2008, 9:38 PM

God bless you K I hope your situation gets better and Taz you are completely right. everyone should read that post

Anonymous June 3, 2008, 9:39 PM

What is so amazing (and sad at the same time) is that people just get “comfortable” to the point that we tend to take our husbands/wives for granted. Then, when someone outside the home tells you “how beautiful you look today”…. makes you feel special again. Just as when you first starting dating. Then you eventually look forward to those sweet words, and sadly they’re not at home.

A June 3, 2008, 9:42 PM

It is a cop out for a man to say that he needs to cheat because he is getting none at home. If that was the case women would have to cheat all the time because lord knows very few men can satisfy a women sexually, especially after they get married. They get lazy and won’t bother to learn what it takes to make a women feel alive in the bedroom. Not to mention the majority never quite masturbating. It is easier and they can fantasize about what or whom they wish. It also allows them to escape from the inadequacy of not being able to please their partner. If they can’t turn a women on then she will not want them to touch her. Who wants a minute man? One that cheats and lies nonetheless. You can be a swinging couple and the man will still cheat. I also agree with the whole bisexual thing. If you think men cheat primarily with women you are extremely naive. The whole tranny thing is a big deal for straight guys! They love it. It softens the fact that deep down they are really fudge packers. In the very least they would love to know what it feels like. I admire real gay men who are themselves, in the open, because most men hide deep in that closet. They don’t hide alone either. They marry women.

Shut up June 3, 2008, 9:43 PM

Wow,Thats not blow out of porportion.

Anonymous June 3, 2008, 9:44 PM

Any one who cheats is a coward. Work on your marriage and if necessary, end it before having an affair. I’m a divorce attorney and I see this garbage constantly.

Mom100 June 3, 2008, 9:44 PM

Many men cheat because their friends cheat, some are opportunist, if they have the opportunity they’ll take it, some cheat because it’s becoming more and more socially acceptable for them to cheat. There are even documentaries explaining why they cheat and how they can’t help it, making it okay. Some cheat because it’s a game to them, they keep score. But many more are cheating these days because women pursue them, knowing full well the man is married. It’s as much a game to these women as it is to the men. Men are really followers more than anything, if they see any of their friends doing it, eventually they’ll do it, especially if a woman keeps pursuing them. All in all, it is our society these days that is making it worse. If you want to prevent this in your marriage, you’d better know where your husband is and what he’s doing all the time. Encourage involvement with friends who don’t have these tendancies, encourage employment at businesses where there is little contact with women, keep him out of bars, and drop by his work at unexpected times, hang out with him and his buddies, etc… It’s opportunity and influence that causes adultery. Not anything the wife is doing or not doing. You could be gorgeous, sex every night, perfect homemaker, also working, he loves your family and friends, if he’s put under enough pressure by his friends, and has enough opportunities, he’ll cheat.

CJ June 3, 2008, 9:46 PM

I have to say after being married 7 years and being with her for 12 years before that, I am not getting anything as far as sex. The reason, I became disabled (bad back, surgeries and constant pain, even have a internal pain pump)and she even “told me” that after that I was “no longer good” in bed. Is it my fault?? I don’t think so. I try to put up with the constant pain long enough to make her happy, (most times I can’t, but I try)but it’s not enough. I have not cheated, have thought about it, but even though I believe she hasn’t been with anyone else, should I have to put up with this? I still have desires, I’m 45, but can’t get a thing anymore. Instead of cheating, I’m really wondering if it’s time for a divorce instead of thinking about cheating. All I want is for somebody to love me, have sex with me when I can, without putting me down because of something I couldn’t help in the first place. Am I being selfish? I don’t think so, but like I said, I still have needs. Being told what I was really hurt “TO THE CORE of my soul”. What do you think??

Anonymous June 3, 2008, 9:48 PM

These women have NO obligation to his wife or his children. The men do. I don’t see why this is such a problem for women; have your own affair.
That helped me.

Terry June 3, 2008, 9:49 PM

WOW! So many people get hurt from affairs. I don’t think mistresses have a conscience and I believe that they are narcisistic. I do know from experience that many spouses cheat solely for what is lacking at home. But that is very selfish. Many people have relationships that are lacking, and because they would never want to hurt other people, they stay away from affairs….I loved my other man, but it was a big price to pay for love. I still miss him and only left the relationship because I loved my children more.

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