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Who's Sleeping with Your Husband? Part 2

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Why are our husbands risking marriage and family for sex with them?

In Part 1 of our MomLogic Investigation, we spoke to 5 women who all admit to sleeping with married men. Some do it for the money and some do it for the thrills...but all of them admit that they never even consider their lovers' wives and children sitting at home.

But what exactly is it that makes men willing to risk it all for a romp in the hay? All of the "other women" we spoke to agreed that there is at least ONE thing that we can do to help fight infidelity in our marriages.

Coming you can tell if your husband is cheating and what can you do if he is. Momlogic went straight to the "other women" for advice on how to catch a cheating hubby and what you can do to keep it from happening in the first place. This could save your marriage!

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About the Experts...
spacer dr shannon fox
Shannon Fox is a licensed family therapist in Los Angeles and a mother of three.
  rabbi sherre hirsch
Rabbi Sherre Hirsch is a mother of three and the author of We Plan, God Laughs, and offers non-denominational spiritual advice.


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Sonny July 7, 2008, 12:22 PM

As a 36 yr old single male, my advice would be if you can’t stay 100% faithful DON’T GET MARRIED. I love being single, I truthfully laugh out loud (a real LOL) at all these married people who have to sneak around doing things that I can do anytime I want. I don’t even want a live-in relationship. The only reason I would ever get married would be to have kids, if I thought I could do that without marriage and without hurting the children, I’d do it in a second. For all of you who are married and things are going good, then God bless you, may it last forever, but I want no part of it! Have a great day!

Jack July 10, 2008, 7:24 AM

I am a guy who is not interested in cheating on my wife. I like/love her just fine. However she can only go so far in the relationship. There is a part of her that she will not share. (You know the place in the discussion where you talk about what your part in the problem is? She just can’t accept any responsiblity.) It’s this barrier that has made our relationship one we maintain for the kids.

I think that sex for sex’s sake is a waste of time. I want a woman who is whole and accepting of all those parts…. good and bad. My wife is bright and a wonderful mom. She tries really hard but after 20 years she still doesn’t get it.

But I still will not cheat. So there is at least one guy out there who won’t.
p.s. I just thought of this. There will be people out there who think that I can’t cheat becuase I am too ugly or whatever…. I have $$$ which means that I can cheat.

Laura July 18, 2008, 11:03 PM

Marriage is obviously not for everyone. If a person cannot commit to his/her spouse for life, then that person shouldn’t be taking those vows. That defeats the purpose of marriage. If you are going to cheat and act like selfish teenagers, do not insult the institution of marriage in doing so.

Jennifer July 19, 2008, 8:37 AM

What is cheating? If your spouse signs up for and even pays for those sites where you can meet women. Is that cheating? Talking on the intenet. Is that cheating?

Jane August 6, 2008, 11:11 PM

I think it is DISGUSTING this website would even put this crap on here. Gee let’s see, a woman who barely knows your husband, who will do anything to keep your husband coming back to her, who prides herself on ruining a marriage are giving women advice on how to cheat-proof their relationships? And forget about how the husbands are gonna tell these women whatever they wanna hear, as long as they keep spreading their legs, they’ll talk all day on how horrible their wives are to make these women feel better about themselves. These filthy pigs go on and on about how the wives are to blame, never once putting any responsibility on the husbands who are actually doing the cheating. Of course these women are gonna blame the wives and bad-mouth them, they are jealous because they wish these men left their wives for them! It is disgusting that this video was posted. Where is the “logic”? These homewreckers bash the wives and put all the blame on them, when the wives are the ones being faithful and doing everything to make their husbands happy! This website should be ashamed of themselves for putting up this pathetic video!

jessie August 10, 2008, 8:19 PM

Ha…hahaha! Seriously, LOL. This is a bunch of BS. What a scare tactic to get women to roll over and submit to patriarchal misogyny. I can’t believe a website that is supposed to cater to mothers/women would post something like this. This website truly amuses me.

Sorry August 12, 2008, 8:45 PM

I am currently involved with a married man. This was not what I set out to do. I am not a skank as I am sure there are many out there. I read all of these postings degrading the “other Woman” but what about the HUSBAND. Mine came looking for me. This was not about sex…we were involved for 2 months prior to ever even having sex. His wife is not a caring person. She has something I would love to have and she totally takes it for granted. As far as if this ever does move forward..Well ladies who think that the other women can only treat your children like dirt you are wrong. I understand how hard this is on the children and I would love nothing more than to have him and his children around. Maybe I am different but yes I do feel guilt and I am always thinking about his family at home. I don’t like the situation but sometimes things happen for a reason and people just shouldn’t be to quick to judge. Not every marriage is perfect and not every married couple is made for eachother. Also not every Other Woman is out for a thrill or has low self esteem. I am a very strong woman who takes care of myself and doesn’t need anyone elses husband. It just happened and it is what it is!

MINA August 12, 2008, 11:53 PM

widow lady, I am so sorry for your loss. Hopefully you can find comfort from this message board.

Yes, sometimes we can do all we can and it still fall apart. I wish you the best and pray that you find peace and companionship soon.

bill August 13, 2008, 2:32 AM

Sorry ladies, but it isn’t always 100% the cheaters fault if they stray. I have never done so, but perfectly understand why some people (men or women)do in a marriage.

From a sexuual standpoint, if sex stops, and is controlled by one party, is it completely the fault of the other if they go outside the relationship to get some? I don’t believe so. Just think about this rationally. If a guy say wanted sex with you 5X a day that might be fun, but tiring and a little unpractical. Especially with work and kids. If he wouldn’t budge off that number, that is being selfish. So is completely ending sex, as in not having it at all, or very rarely. SORRY, BUT THE CHEATER ISN’T ENTIRELY LIABLE IN THAT CASE. You have just like the sex crazed person, chosen for them that they are now celibate. A sexless marriage is defined typically as one where sex occurs less than 10 times a year. If you have chosen that path for you mate, the mate is liable for cheating, and not communicating they want a little more. You are also liable for forcing YOUR DESIRE FOR LESS SEX ON THEM IN A NON COMPROMISING WAY.

tess September 6, 2008, 1:58 AM

Its a cop out. My husband was always turning me down for sex, he had a low sex drive and then he went out and cheated! I keep myself in good shape, work full time as a nurse and a wonderful mom. He was lazy, a liar and cheat. The other woman is less educated and has mental issues. The jist of it is, men who cheat are selfish, and can not live up to their promises. The have character flaws both the man and the mistress. So those women that think they won? Those mistresses are losers and more than likey have personality disorders that why they do what they do, not because they have more to offer, but because they could never be as good a woman as the one at home that is living up to her vows. What a bunch of crap, people that cheat, the man and the “other woman” both are waste of space and spineless lying losers

Kerri September 26, 2008, 8:27 PM

Women who sleep with married men are NOT the parties at fault. Unmarried women didn’t take vows not to sleep with your husband, your husband took vows not to sleep with them.

And for the record, I have never cheated, or helped anyone else cheat.

Rachel November 25, 2008, 8:06 AM

Men will cheat and leave you to take care of your kids on your own. No matter what dead beat dad laws there are. That’s why every woman should be taught to invest in their children. Go ahead and work, but live on your husband’s income and invest your income in your children’s name. If your marriage works out… Great! If it doesn’t then you’ll have the help you need to take care of your children. Someone needs to write a book of success stories of women who planned for the inevitable and those are the stories we should be reading to our daughters. If you invest in your children, maybe that straying husband won’t be so likely to want to leave you on your own with the kids. November 25, 2008, 8:45 AM

woman are sooooooo stupid_ the best and sweetest feeling-do the same thing to him!!!!!!!!!!!1

Paul K November 25, 2008, 1:15 PM

Women, be careful of your girlfriends and cohorts; I have found that most women will flirt and give their bodies if the guy is confident & smooth. Women love guys who are gentlemently but direct. They love men who will say you are beautiful as long as the guy don’t rush in like a hungry dog. I always end up talking sexually with these women and they always relax and open up to me. White women carry themselves more sexually open than black women. I don’t mean that they dress more sexual. They seem to be less hung up sexually. Why is that ?

love November 25, 2008, 3:04 PM

Well, as for me I have cheated, I am not proud nor do I regret it. I stopped cheating on the father of my chidren about 4 years ago, well untill that time, about 2 months ago, the person that I cheated in him with has came back in my life, and all those darn feelings are still there. Why? My situation with the father of my children is rather difficult. I love the father of my kids, but he can be cold and a woman beater. he has not out his hands on me for about a year.

a woman defending November 25, 2008, 4:42 PM

i think women who sleep with married men are cheap women who want people to feel sorry for them. what about the wife who is washing his clothes, taking care of the kids, living in the bathroom with stressed out stomachs because her husband is yet again not home. or that she is taking care of the kids and wants and begs for a break, yet you women who sleep with the husbands don’t care. guess what…i hope you get married to someone you fall madly in love with like the wive’s did, and the one you are in love with, cheats on you. i laugh at women who sleep with married men. they are just low life selfless women who can’t keep their legs closed

Susanne November 25, 2008, 8:41 PM

The whole idea of “cheating” is what’s wrong. It’s unrealistic to expect one person to fulfill all your needs for the rest of your life. Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves to maintain this kind of life?

Because thousands of years ago religion told us to?

Time to move past the whole monogamy thing. Let’s evolve with the rest of nature.

anonymous April 2, 2009, 7:16 PM

When I was married I had affairs with call girls and women I met through the personals ads. We stopped loving each other 5 years after we got married. We stayed married for financial and legal reasons. She no longer had any interest in sex. No kisses and no hugs after 4 years of marriage. I was devastated and hurt inside. I felt broken inside, ugly on the outside. I was told frequently that I was physically attractive from other women I met. But my wife no longer wanted me. So yes, I started sleeping around.

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