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Five Reasons Why Nannies Suck

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I don't care if I had all the money in the world--I still think nannies blow.


Momlogic's Momstrosity: The cost of having a personal baby watcher is exorbitant--starting at $24,000 a year--but that's NOT why I don't have one.  No, I send my child to a reputable daycare center to play with other children so he's not alone all day with a glorified babysitter.

Here's why:

Nannies hate their jobs.
Don't kid yourself. Your nanny isn't smitten by your child's every move--it's hard to be genuinely in love with a meal ticket. Think about this: Are YOU engaged at your job every minute of your 10-hour day? The consequences are different if you goof off from work--maybe you'll miss a deadline. When your nanny's sick of HER job, your child could wander into the arms of the local sexual predator during playtime at the park.

I don't have to know C.I.A. tactics.
To figure out if your nanny's spending the day on the couch munching Cheetos while your kid's under the sink eating Drano, you need to be an expert in surveillance-- installing nanny cams, wiretaps, and hidden G.P.S. devices. Go ahead--turn your house into an episode of Big Brother--I'll focus my attention elsewhere.

I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty.
For those moms who have nannies around the clock, have you ever changed a diaper or wiped a snotty nose--both incredible ways to bond with your child--by actually taking care of them. Nannies are great for taking all that icky fuss and muss out of motherhood--that way you can go get your mani/pedi in peace.

Daycare centers don't call in sick, get stuck in traffic or bitch.
Nannies do...and if they don't like you, your kid or your arrangement, they'll quit without giving you notice--leaving you to (gasp!) fend for yourself.

Nannies are hotter than you.
I don't need a young, nurturing girl from Sweden giving my husband an eyeful when she bends over to pick up LEGOS. There are FAR too many cases of men leaving their wives for the "Mary Poppins" type. And I doubt a spoonful of sugar will help the divorce go down.

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Melina June 3, 2008, 6:04 PM

I have a nanny and she does a great job and loves my kids. I know this for a fact because she is being video monitored at this very moment. I just love the way she goes through my unmentionables every morning.i would never put my kids in daycare.

JennyH June 3, 2008, 6:09 PM

It has gotten out of control! My husband was pushing for us to share a nanny with our friends, his thinking being that we would get better care. It turned out that poor Cooper, our friend’s son, was left in his Jonny jump up with poop in his diapers for HOURS!!! She would only take him out to feed him a couple times a day.

Annabelle June 3, 2008, 6:40 PM

Your point number 5 is so true. When we were expecting my husband’s Fatherhood book had a whole chapter warning against sleeping with the babysitter!

Emily June 3, 2008, 8:04 PM

I am a mom who is also a former nanny. I am kind of offended at these comments. I loved the kids I was a nanny for, and still keep in touch with them. How many of you would be be great at your job for only 24,000 a year? I was satisfied with that, and did my job well, i believe. The mom I was nannying for tried to be involved as much as she could and there was never a problem with the dad. If you can’t trust your husband around an attractive female, maybe you shouldn’t be having children with him.

marv June 3, 2008, 8:28 PM

If Karen’s statement is true. $24,000 for that kind of service (plus childcare) doesn’t sound that bad to me.

chris June 3, 2008, 8:30 PM

Sounds like a lot of misplaced anger. I’m sorry that you don’t believe there are genuinely good nannies out there (I married one; she happens to be a great mom now). I am a teacher; my wife is a nanny. I guess some people just love kids and love to teach them not to stereotype! Other people to choose to rationalize their behavior by saying things like “reputable daycare center.” Speaking of reputable, couldn’t you come up with anything better than “Guest Blogger Karen.” Do you mind sharing your credentials?

Danielle June 3, 2008, 9:11 PM

I agree with my husband and I’m flattered:) Believe it or not some people on this planet have room in their heart to love outside of themselves.

Karilyn June 3, 2008, 10:05 PM

I was a nanny until a few days ago. I agree. For one, you’re putting so much pressure on a nanny cause we have to think of all these fun, educational activities everyday and always make nutritious meals. Not to mention we have to constantly entertain the kid the whole time or they get bored and complain. At least at daycare they have friends to play with. Plus, there’s more than one person taking care of your kid so they can work together. I’m glad I’m not a nanny anymore. There’s just too much pressure to be perfect.

Bella June 3, 2008, 10:52 PM

Sounds like you have had your husband run of with the Nanny, or perhaps your child liked the Nanny more than you? could this explain your anger?
You have a very stupid, ignorant and laughable opinion about Nannies.
Especially with the limited experience you state so evidently.
You may be right if you were describing some beautiful Swedish teenager who poses as a nanny to fund her lifestyle. But what kind of idiot does that make you for hiring her?
Anyone can be a Nanny, but what kind of fool hires anyone to be a nanny for their children?
If you want a professional nanny that delivers the standards you believe to be so mythical then you should perhaps remove your head from your butt and pay an agency that provides “professional” nannies.
But this would mean you would have to pay allot more than your measly $24,000! You pay peanuts, you will get monkeys.
If you think for a second that childcare centres are the better option then you would be mistaken. Most professional nannies wont work in childcare centres and would NEVER leave their own children in one.
Why you may ask? lol, because we really know what goes on behind closed doors!
Your idea that childcare centres don’t bitch is again laughable, are you kidding?? they bitch all day long because they have others to bitch with.
But please, leave your children in a centre, with your attitude a nanny would defiantly live up to your reputation by ‘leaving you’ without warning to pursue another, better job.
Why would anyone want to work with you? I’m guessing it would take about 2 weeks before the nanny marched out the door… perhaps with your suffering husband in tow! ;-)

JLA June 4, 2008, 12:56 AM

I’ll hafta back the other folks up here… There are a lot of great nannies out there!

emerald June 4, 2008, 1:16 AM

The author is being sarcastic to get her point across. True not all nannies are as described but I would exercise extreme caution when hiring a nanny. Older with experience is probably your best bet.
I have seen too many nannies go after the husband. The mormon nannies plan on it. And this is a quote from two I knew “We believe that you are not suppose to hire outside help in your home and if you do then you deserve to have your husband cheat or better leave you for me.”
Be careful!!

Gina June 4, 2008, 3:09 AM


How dare you take such a low swing at a group of people who dedicate themselves to caring for your child????????

I am a nanny - I have years of experience, love my job, have first aid training, a certificate and diploma of children’s services! Nobody enjoys every second of their day - we’re not super human, but I ensure the children I care for are happy, healthy, clean, safe, supervised, entertained, rested, fed, changed, stimulated, and given opportunities to interact with me, other children, and even other adults by attending play dates and playgroups.

Kelly June 4, 2008, 6:05 AM

Hi, I’m a 22 yr old nanny

Why dont you tell this crap to my 3 kids i look after.

They lost there mom 3 years ago and thats how long i have been there, it’s hard yes, i sit down in my job, yes so does everybody else. I guess working for a widowed dad means we are sleeping together too! These kids are to old for daycare and will be finished school all together soon, who could look after them while dad works to put food on table and cloth kids???

And that comment someone wrote about nannies going after dads(rolls eyes) yes because thats our life goal!

Anonymous June 4, 2008, 9:31 AM

Unfortunately Kelly for some Nannies the goal is just that - get the husband. They figure he has money and so does the wife. I witnessed it happen more then once.

I am not saying that all nannies are like this because yes there are some wonderful caregivers out there. My point was that everyone should be very careful when hiring a nanny and BE AWARE. It is hard enough for working women.

momof14mo-old June 4, 2008, 10:20 AM

This is why I thank god I have a wonderful, loving nanny for my son and didn’t choose daycare - recently the high-profile corporate daycare center (which btw is MORE expensive than my nanny) that my work uses, on Park Ave in Manhattan lost an employee because he is running from the police for having child pornography on his computer at home - photos and videos of boys aged 6 months to 14 years.

career nanny June 4, 2008, 4:33 PM

This whole outlook is what gives domestic childcare a bad name. Yes, there are the bad nannies out there. But that could be said of any employee in any job sector, so what. There are also the dedicated, professional nannies who love their jobs. Because we need to make a living, just like anybody else, we need to charge a good amount for full time care- how can you expect anyone to live off of $24,00/year? That in no way makes our charges a ‘meal ticket’.
When a family is smart and researches the prospect of hiring a nanny, is meticulous throughout the interview process- chances are they will end up with a good nanny. And chances are that good nanny will end up becoming a part of the family. In no way, shape or form will the children be looked at as a ‘meal ticket’ and I find that comment utterly repulsive.
A true, professional nanny loves kids and loves her job. I’m sorry that isn’t the norm in many job fields but the fact is- we get to play with kids, nurture them, educate them and watch them grow- which to us is a really great thing.
There are absolutely ‘down times’ and why not? Kids need a chance to rest and learn to entertain themselves and anybody working 12 hour days needs a break. As a nanny typically has a working lunch with the kids, we don’t have a set break time in the day. So if I need to take 30 minutes for some quiet time, I will and I’m doing best by my job for doing so. A burnt-out nanny is no good.
I can’t even dignify the ‘husband stealing’ comment with a response- the idea is ludicrous. I can say, if one is so concerned about having a ‘hot nanny’ stealing one’s husband, one has bigger issues to deal with.
Daycares are a viable alternative to nanny care and for some people they work out fine. But your kids will never get the personalized attention that a nanny provides.
It’s biased, stereotypical, probably uninformed opinions like this that scare people away from (and ultimately deprive there kids of) a really enriching, life-changing experience for their children.

Happy Nanny  June 4, 2008, 4:36 PM

As a professional nanny, I am so offended by this drivel that I can barely formulate a coherent reply. Sure, there are bad nannies out there — just like there are bad parents and bad daycare workers. But to categorize ALL nannies as lazy, disinterested, angry and neglectful is ridiculous and absurd.

I absolutely adore the child I care for. I have been with him since he was three weeks old, and I have celebrated with his parents at every little milestone — his first smile, his first steps, his first word. I attend his special moments (christening, birthday parties, etc) on my own time and for birthdays and Christmas, I give him handmade gifts that I have labored over for months.

I spend my days with him actively engaging his mind with songs, dances, stories, and books. I also organize and schedule playgroups and play dates so that he gets adequate socialization with other kids his age. I teach him sign language. I make him homemade organic baby food. I attend his weekly physical therapy appointments and learn new techniques so I can implement them in our daily PT sessions. He gets my undivided attention, and he doesn’t have to move up to a new “room” and a new “teacher” ever few months.

In the ten years that I’ve been a nanny, I’ve called out sick twice. But I can’t begin to count the number of times that I’ve come in early or stayed late with little or no notice. Try that with your daycare center.

Professional Nanny June 4, 2008, 11:45 PM

This post made me sick! I almost couldn’t read the entire thing. I am a Nanny and have been for over a year now. I love my CAREER and the child I care for 10 hours a day, 5 days a week.

I have also worked in a preschool before and I can tell you, it’s not all roses there! Most the girls HATE their job and are only their because they can send their own kids there for FREE. Yes your child gets interaction with outer children, but thats why us Nannies take our kids on PLAYDATES.

$24000 a year? Your insane.

Anonymous June 5, 2008, 12:12 AM

You know what cracks me up about this piece of ignorance?

Every mom I know, including the mom I nanny for, turns on the TV to her own stuff during the day. She checks her email, she does her own things while her kids are running about the house.

And yet, we professional nannies don’t do that. We don’t turn on the TV, we don’t check our email, we don’t do our nails, we don’t do any of our own stuff. Instead, we interact with the children. We teach, we sing, we cuddle, we play, we do art projects, we read stories, we kiss owies, we build forts, we pretend to be princesses (or warriors or trains or animals..), we plan outings…and all that before lunch!

Most moms who have nannies are mothers with professional jobs…not out to get their mani/pedi. The author, apparently, can’t even come up with the idea to socialize her child through playdates so she ships him off to daycare while she gets HER mani/pedi.

Can a nanny call in sick? Yes. But you know what? We hardly ever do. And you know what else? Kids get sick far more often than adults do…and a daycare won’t let your child come in if they are ill.

If you treat your nanny respectfully, as if she is a human being and a qualified professional, she’s not going to up and quit. This provides a child with consistency and stability…as well as one more grown up who shows them they are wonderful and loveable little people. A daycare can, and will, hire just about anyone…with or without qualifications. The parents don’t get to call the references of the employees, nor do the parents get to read the applications or have any say in the matter. Most daycares have a very high turnover rate, probably due to the fact that the average fast food employee makes more than the average daycare employee.

But hey, if you think your cheeseburger is more important than the quality of care your kid recieves, that’s certainly your choice to make.

Nom De Plume June 5, 2008, 10:49 AM

Hands down if you ask a nanny who has “retired” to raise her own children she will say the nanny job is harder. Nannies don’t sit down and munch cheetos on the sofa. The only time I ever personally sit is when I’m in the car driving my charges to their various activities or when I’m eating with them.

Pretty pathetic that the writer decides to share her low self esteem and lack of trust in her marriage for all the world to see as well.
As for making $24000 a year, apparently those of us in child care aren’t supposed to make a living wage. That’s saved for those who choose less rewarding careers.

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