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My Mom Slept with My Teenage Boyfriend

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How do they go on after they've been betrayed by the woman they loved most? Her husband tells us.


We told you about Beth Modica, the mother of four who was sentenced yesterday to two years in jail for having sex with two teenage boys--including her daughter's boyfriend. Now, her husband, Paul, tells momlogic his side of the story.

Momlogic: How are you and your children doing?
Paul: Right now, my children are doing as good as can be expected. They are strong. Over the last several months, they have impressed me with their maturity and strength when dealing with this horrible situation. They have humbled me. I never realized how strong my children are. It's amazing, as viewable yesterday in the courtroom while my daughter read her victim impact statement.

ML: Where will you and your family go from here?
Paul: I have four children. My two daughters are 14 and 10, and my two sons are 17 and 12. Now, we catch our breath. For months, I have made sure my children have jumped back into their lives. We don't sit around the house feeling sorry for ourselves. We have gotten on with our lives. Now that their mom is in prison, we will deal with whatever curves we face. My kids did nothing wrong and we walk with our heads held high. I have filed for divorce, and I have custody of the kids.

ML: How has your wife's sentence affected your children?
Paul: It's too early to see, but my two younger children do visit my wife. She's been incarcerated since April. They do visit her in jail, and now that she's going to prison, it's too early to tell the impact it will have on them.

ML: What has helped you during this difficult time?
Paul: The outpouring of support by our community, friends, and strangers has been unbelievable for my children. That's one of the key elements as to why my children have stayed so strong. They were never made to feel like they were the bad guys in the situation.

Do you have any words of support for Paul and his family? Comment below.

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