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Is Mom's Lawsuit a Croc?

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Pediatrician Dr. Gwenn says Crocs should never be worn on escalators.


Mom Alison Pregliasco says Crocs shoes are to blame for serious injuries to her 3-year-old daughter Lexi's foot at an airport last month, when her foot got trapped in an escalator en route to a Disney World vacation.

"There's no reason this should have happened to my daughter," Pregliasco told WLKY. "She was holding onto the rail...I heard her screaming and tried to pull her foot out and it wouldn't come out and the escalator just kept going
down. And, I just started screaming at the top of my lungs, 'Somebody stop this thing, somebody stop this thing. We have to make it stop.'

Pregliasco said it took 15 minutes to get her daughter's right foot out of the escalator after her daughter's Croc got stuck in it. EMTs took the child to the hospital, where doctors put pins in her foot and performed surgery to clean bones and remove contaminated skin."Three broken toes, two pretty severely broken, the other is just a hairline fracture," said Pregliasco. "The toe was severed down to the bone and they called it a 'dirty wound' because they had escalator grease in there."

Alison is now suing the manufacturer of Crocs. The suit, filed last week in federal court, says Crocs should have issued a warning to buyers about the repeated accidents involving kids, Crocs and escalators. Her attorney represents several families whose children have been hurt wearing Crocs. "Every one of those parents said, 'If I had known of this, I never would have let my kid wear those shoes as everyday shoes. He never would have been on an escalator. She never would have worn it anywhere but at the beach and by the pool,'" her attorney Andrew Laskin said. "That is what Crocs has tried to conceal."

Pediatrician Dr. Gwenn says, "The Good Housekeeping Research Institute has warned parents against allowing kids to wear Crocs on escalators. And with good cause. The material of Crocs is so soft, that as early as 2006, multiple national news stations reported stories of children's feet being literally sucked into escalators causing serious injury.  Riding in the center of the escalator helps but, in my opinion, not wearing Crocs on escalators is the only way to ensure true safety."

For more from Dr. Gwenn, click here.

Will you stop your kids from wearing Crocs?

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Brian August 14, 2008, 11:54 PM

People do tend to amaze me. There is no basis for a lawsuit against the makers of CROCS. Parents feeling stupid because they allowed their children to utilize escalators without scrutinizing them should feel, well, somewhat stupid. Any manner of shoe with strings can be caught in an escalator, as can extra-long pants, ankle chains, and a wide variety of other items that might be worn. Being a security guard, I get to witness some very unique behavior amongst kids, when they are doing something wrong, and parents, upon discovering their angels are not so angelic. I’m certain the company where the escalator was housed gladly covered the child’s medical expenses, but to sue the company who made the shoes they were wearing? Why not sue the entity that taught them to walk, or stand up right, or that which is responsible for them learning common sense & safety? Perhaps the school board. My heart goes out to the child, and I’m glad the injury is not worse than it could have been, but in all reality, the child should have been being watched more closely by it’s parent who is desiring to shift some of the responsibility of her own carelessness to another entity.

Glenda Hanson January 11, 2009, 1:59 PM

I am not a child! I am a nurse who tried to wear these terribly dangerous shoes. I started down the hall (tile floor), my right Croc. (brand name) stuck as if someone has slammed on their brakes,threw me in the air I tried to catch myself . Eighteen months later,two surgeries and $70,000.00 later, I’m still working on my right shoulder and right arm trying to rehabilitate it. YES, these shoes are very dangerous, No one will challenge this Company. I wonder how many people have been injured by these cheap rubber shoes?

Kendra Cleavenger January 28, 2009, 12:04 PM

I really feel bad for that child and the ordeal they’ve had to go through.

That said…

Crocs are a brand name. They have many different styles other than the ugly typical Croc shoe you see above.

No where in the article does it mention other types of shoes that might be harmful. I’m sure other types of floppy shoes (flip flops for example) have the potential of hurting someone on an escalator.

It will be the gullible person that reads your article and thinks that Crocs are so harmful and very risky to wear. Fortunately there will be many others that can use their own brains to see the article lacks any real research, details and information on the issue. The article also doesn’t mention anything about the escalator itself. Was it properly maintianed and operating within the correct safety margins? We don’t know because it is NOT mentioned in the article.

There is no sense in posting a half-assed article that hardly touches on all the aspects of the issue. This article is useless.

Susan March 15, 2009, 10:44 PM

Crocs are comfortable and helped relieve the pain I used to have in my heels but unfortunately I found out they are also dangerous. Two weeks ago, as I wore my Crocs and was walking across the street, I tripped on my shoes. I went down face first and chipped my front tooth and cracked the one next to it, as well, as bruising my chin, hand, and knee. I’ve tripped numerous times when wearing my Crocs, but this was the first time I got injured. After talking to my daughter and numerous other people, they told me the same thing, that they trip alot when wearing their Crocs. Many hospitals ban their nurses from wearing them because they have had many trip and fall as well from wearing them. I think Crocs should put a warning sign on their shoes.

jen July 11, 2009, 4:54 PM

You know I am so sick of all these people suing companies for stupid reason. Why should croc pay for a parent who was not properly watching her 3 year old child on an escalator. I have a 2 year old, if we get on an escalator I pick him up and properly place him on the step because they are risky no matter what shoe you are wearing. People are just stupid now a days suing for reasons like mcdonalds making them fat. These suits should not even make it past the clerk of courts. There are far better things to spend are tax paying dollars on then people who are looking to get rich off of someone else’s idea. As for adults saying they are getting hurt; first of all learn how to walk second of all if you do not like the shoe do not buy the shoe. I am almost positive that many people who have been injured wearing these shoes and many other shoes still went and put them on the next day.

clusterdevils April 4, 2011, 5:59 AM

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