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When Celebrity Husbands Cheat

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The wife of Balthazar Getty and mother of four has been all too publicly betrayed.


Today is Balthazar Getty's son's Cassius' 8th birthday. But, as of late, this family in crisis hasn't had much to celebrate. As we previously reported, photos of the married Brothers and Sisters star and a topless Sienna Miller kissing have surfaced. Even though 33-year-old Balthazar still has "Rosetta" tattooed his chest--in honor of his wife, Rosetta Getty, the mother of his four children -- Rosetta didn't seem to be on his mind while he was locking lips with Sienna, 26.

Rumors about the Getty's marriage are flying, but one thing is certain, a public scandal like this is heartbreaking when there are children involved. According to, Balthazar and Sienna have been secretly dating for two months, while Balthazar and Rosetta have reportedly been "living separate lives for a while." A friend also told People, "Rosetta left the country to protect the kids, and he continues to see Sienna publicly." 

The family seemed to have it all. Balthazar, an heir to the Getty fortune, and Rosetta have been married since May 2000. They have four children: Cassius, 8; Grace, 7; Violet, 4; and June, almost 10 months. Rosetta Getty, a former model, is a successful fashion designer who has two collections: Rosetta Millington for children and Riser Goodwyn for women. Her fashions are sold in high-end boutiques and department stores such as Nordstrom.

Rosetta's best friend since childhood is Patricia Arquette. Other famous friends include: Kirsten Dunst, David Arquette, Shiva Rose, Eric Dane, Selma Blair, and Joaquin Phoenix. A March 2007 spread in Harper's Bazaar highlighted one of her glamorous dinner parties. The main photo accompanying the story showed Rosetta and Balthazar locked in a warm embrace at the head of a star-studded table, while gal pal Courteney Cox Arquette gazed at them adoringly.

This goes to show that things aren't as always as picture-perfect as they seem on the surface. Our hearts break for Rosetta and her children right now.

In the wake of this devastating story of betrayal, momlogic heard from other moms who've been cheated on but requested anonymity. Here, their tales from the trenches:

- "My ex-husband cheated on me. He admitted it was the thrill of the chase and the thrill of not getting caught -- until he did. We tried to reconcile for five years, but the trust was not totally restored and he started his 'cheating ways' again. He really destroyed my confidence in men, period. Once a cheat, always a cheat."

- "Being cheated on was the single most devastating experience of my life. It ended a 24-year marriage, and the self-esteem and trust issues still reverberate through my life seven years after the divorce. It hurt my children and has had lasting financial effects from which I will never recover. It was selfish and wrong. It's more turbulent than cancer care, more painful than the death of my parents, and wounded me to the core of my being."

- "I also have four children. When my husband cheated on me, I felt he cheated on the whole family. He did it in a very public way and everyone knew about it but me. I was humiliated. But him cheating on me was probably the best thing that ever happened to me, because it ended my marriage and led me to my new husband, who is beyond wonderful. So no matter how devastated, hurt, or low you feel right now, be strong for your kids, and know that this may be the end of your marriage but it's not the end of your life. In fact, it's the beginning of your new life, one where you're free of a man who would so carelessly hurt you so deeply."

Rosetta, our thoughts are with you and your kids in this difficult time.


To see Balthazar and Rosetta in happier days, view our photo gallery.

Take a look at our recent momlogic investigation on infidelity.

To send a message of support to Rosetta, comment below.

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Sandi July 17, 2008, 10:36 PM

Looking at the dates the pics were taken just really confirms SM’s status as a homewrecker and BG’s status as a cheating, lying piece of sh*t!!

Betty July 18, 2008, 12:41 AM

Why can’t these women find their own men? Why do they have to keep stealing ours??????????

Anonymous July 18, 2008, 9:42 AM

If they will do it with you they will do it to you…so the woman who helped to end this marriage and won the “prize” of a cheater really got the boobie prize. So Sad for the children… they did not deserve this public humilitation. I don’t know what kind of wife she was but no one deserves this. He should have just gotten a quiet divorce instead of putting them all through this. Sometimes folks are just sooooo stupid.

Emmaline March 31, 2009, 9:27 PM

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