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Men Are Closet Crybabies

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Here's proof he's so much sappier than you think. 


Despite the age-old joke that men are nothing more than childish, insensitive Neanderthals, a new study called the "Great Male Survey," conducted by, the largest men's lifestyle Web site in the world, reveals guys are more mushy then we might think.

"These survey results will be pleasantly surprising to many women, most of whom have a completely different perspective of what the average man thinks and feels," said James Bassil, the Web site's editor-in-chief.

The study had 70,000 men answer 150 questions on love, marriage, and sex, and it turns out, men are more "heart and flowers" than we thought. 75 percent of guys believe they have a soul mate -- to that end, 77 percent search for girlfriends with "wife potential" and 48 percent even believe in "love at first sight."

And here's a sweet 'n sappy shocker: 94 percent say "real men" cry, and 75 percent even admit to shedding tears over a woman. Aww...

But this isn't the first time guys have been outed for being softies--when Men's Health magazine polled men and women on their views on romance, 73 percent of men said they prefer a quiet night in with their partner than a wild night out with the boys.

What's it all mean?

"These results aren't so surprising," says Scott Haltzman, author of The Secrets of Happily Married Men. "However, because the definition of romance can vary between the sexes, women often don't recognize that guys may consider say, watching a game on TV or working on a project together, as quality time.

"The bottom line is that men really want to be with you, so the key is to find new activities that have you both engaged with each other, and connecting outside of the daily grind." Salsa dancing, anyone?

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Carol July 25, 2008, 1:59 PM

It’s refreshing to read a study that offers ways to positively enhance your relationship instead of telling us all men are dogs!

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