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Moms Lose 539 Pounds!

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There's nothing more motivating than dramatic before and after photos of miraculous weight loss stories. See our gallery and read how they did it below! 


"I Lost 200 Pounds Without Surgery!"

36-year-old Chantel Hobbs, mother of four, lost 200 pounds without surgery, pills, or gimmicks.
Pounds lost: 200
How she did it: Her Never Say Diet program

Mother of four Chantel Hobbs always struggled with her weight, but after she got married and had children, she ballooned to 349 pounds. One day, she decided she didn't want to live this way anymore. But she wasn't interested in surgery, pills, or fad diets. She first committed to going to the gym for 30 days. She says five decisions--be truthful, be forgiving, be committed, be interested, and surrender--  were the cornerstones of her program. The first month, she eliminated all sugars and junk food -- but soon allowed treats like Fettuccine Alfredo, but only in moderation. She made and achieved small goals, and it led to major weight loss. She lost 100 pounds in the first nine months, 172 in eighteen months, and is now down 200 pounds...weighing 149. She's even run several marathons. "It's awesome to know I don't ever have to go back," she says. "I can be the new me forever."

"Eating Natural Foods Helped Me Drop 9 Dress Sizes!"

When Dee McCaffrey wised up about her food choices, the result was an eye-opening weight loss.
Pounds lost: 102
How she did it: Banning processed foods and drinking apple cider vinegar

Dee McCaffrey, 47, didn't grow up with a lot of money, so she filled up on cheap processed foods made with lots of corn syrup and flour. And by high school graduation, the 18-year-old weighed 180 pounds--much too heavy for her 4-foot-10-inch frame. In college, she ballooned to 210 pounds, and was miserable. She researched nutrition and realized eating foods made from refined sugar, flour, and chemical preservatives was depriving her body of the nutrients it needed. So she vowed to only eat natural foods--which meant lots of fresh vegetables, fruit, plus a secret discovery: apple cider vinegar--which research shows aids weight loss by reducing hunger pains by regulating blood sugar spikes. In just one year, she'd dropped 102 pounds, weighing just 108 pounds! Two years later, Dee become a certified diet counselor, and even published a book, Dee's Mighty Cookbook: Tasty Cuisine for Flourless and Sugarless Living.


"I Didn't Go to the Gym and Dropped Weight!"

A health scare prompted Darlene Dougherty to make life-saving changes.
Pounds lost: 81
How she did it: NutriSystem

When Darlene Dougherty was mistaken for her 1-year-old daughter's grandmother, she realized her excessive weight made her look way older than her 42 years. Even though Darlene was tall (5 feet, 11 inches), her weight was an unhealthy 221 pounds (thanks to too much fast food with her kids). What's more, she was diagnosed with fatty liver, a dangerous condition. Over the years, she had attempted to lose weight, trying everything from diets to hunger suppressant pills to liposuction, but nothing led to permanent weight loss. Finally, inspired by her sister who lost 100 pounds on the NutriSystem plan, she gave it a try. By the end of the summer, she had shed 51 pounds. and hit her goal of 170--and after seven months, she lost 30 more, now weighing in at 140. She went from wearing a size 18 to a size 4. But what surprised Darlene the most was that she didn't have to go crazy exercising--although she did burn lots of calories walking a few miles every day with her dog.


"I Lost My Weight Two Pounds at a Time!"

Eating off her kids' plates made stay-at-home mom Wendy Wagler, 45, pack on the pounds.
Pounds lost: 61
How she did it: LA Weight Loss program

After becoming a stay-at-home mom to three children, Wendy Wagler often ate due to boredom and convenience. She found herself picking off her kids' plates, watching TV all day and soon she had gained nearly 40 pounds. Diets hadn't worked in the past, so she was skeptical about trying again. But when her hubby Mark got serious about his own weight, she was inspired to do the same--especially given a history of diabetes in her family. After visiting an LA Weight Loss center, she started attending meetings three times a week to learn better eating habits and how to eliminate processed food from her diet. She began losing two pounds a week and felt more energetic by the day. In just one year she had gone from 190 pounds to a healthy 129--from a size 20 to a size 5! Mark lost 62 pounds himself. The best part of her new lifestyle was that Wendy gained confidence in other areas of her life, even going back to school and earning a diploma in medical technology. Today she and Mark are slim and as a result, their sex life and emotional bond skyrocketed.


"Ditching Takeout Is My Weight-Loss Secret!"

Misty Harris, 35, a mom of four, gave up fried chicken for healthy, home-cooked meals.
Pounds lost: 95
How she did it: Exercising and ditching takeout

For years, fried chicken and prepackaged desserts were a daily ritual for Misty Harris. She was a working mom to four children and didn't have the time or energy to plan healthy meals. She was carrying 210 pounds on her tiny 5-foot-2-inch frame. Plus, she was a nurse -- so she says she had no excuse for her dangerous eating habits. When she realized she outweighed her husband (a 6-foot-3-inch coach), she decided to get serious. Exercise seemed too intimidating, so she she started by tweaking her diet. She swapped high-calorie takeout for healthier fare like homemade baked fish, baby carrots, low-fat cheese and oatmeal, and the pounds started melting away--and her diet gave her energy to run or spin for an hour three times a week. When she added weight training to her workout for 30 minutes three times a week, before long, she weighed 115 pounds. Sure, she still craves birthday cake (her all-time favorite treat), but she doesn't deprive herself. On the days she knows she'll splurge, she hits the gym for a little longer or hike and rides bikes with her family.


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cys July 7, 2008, 5:58 PM

hey ladies,

you are an inspiration, I need all your motivating life stories. What is your best advice, I need to get fit and healthy, especially for my little ones.


Amber July 7, 2008, 8:36 PM

I really wanted to do Nurtisystem but I can’t afford the $300 a month. I do Weight Watchers now and I’ve lost 26 pounds so far.

s wells July 7, 2008, 10:56 PM

i eart when board and neves and found nothing to help .HELP P;EASE

Grace R. Gachuhi July 8, 2008, 4:31 AM

Hi Dee I read your story about the way you lost so much waight and these made me to write for you. Am in Africa a country called Kenya and i believe every woman woul like to look good. I have gained so much weight and i know its because of the kind of food that i have been eating. and again stress in life that you only find comfort in eating as in you think and think beyond mesure how you will put food on the table for your children you are jobless and hated by your dispiced becuse life just changed after i lost my job and these has made misarable well my gain of weight is because its the only thing that i can enjoy nowdays in life because i find myself going to the neibour sitting wait for food and to another until am very very shapless. Can you help me am so ashamed of my self i just need help my husband can hardly get thru as you know what i mean. just help and thanks in advance.

Jenny July 8, 2008, 10:19 AM

Congrats to all of you!!

Shirley B July 9, 2008, 6:59 AM

Congrats to all ! I am 3 years into menopause and cannot lose the extra weight. Although I do believe it is harder to lose weight at this stage in my life, I don’t believe it is impossible. I love the before and after stories because it proves that if you believe in yourself any thing is possible!

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