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5 Moms Lose 1,000 Pounds!

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In part three of our week-long tremendous weight loss series, these five moms...including one who lost an astounding 421 pounds... will amaze you! See their before and after photos and read their inspiring stories.


"I Lost Three Times My Weight!"

Genevieve Chesky's daughter was inspiration for her astonishing weight loss.
Pounds lost: 421
How she did it: The Revival Slim and Beautiful Diet

Genevieve Chesky didn't reach 565 pounds by eating junk food. In fact, she regularly ate whole grains, lots of produce, and stayed away from sugar. However, her portions were too big and coupled with a painful divorce, her weight just spiraled. And her health was suffering--she had her right knee replaced because she had too much weight bearing down on her joints. ""My daughter was growing up and I wanted to be around for her wedding," the 49-year-old told momlogic. "I also realized if I died tomorrow, I'd be buried in a piano box, and the shame was too much to bear." So she took action. Her first step was to buy a size 12 bikini from Victoria's Secret and hang it on her fridge "for inspiration." She had also read about Dr. Aaron Tabor's Revival Slim and Beautiful Weight Loss Diet, and having failed at every other diet, figured she had nothing to lose. She drank two soy-based protein shakes per day, one healthy snack (vegetables, low-fat cheese or an egg), and one balanced dinner like a salad with grilled chicken. She also started (slowly) exercising. She found swimming to be gentle on her joints, so she swam laps every morning in an indoor pool and also began walking, eventually running five miles a day. When she incorporated weights into her routine, the pounds really started melting away. She soon lost 90 pounds in the first 12 weeks, and over the next three years, lost an astounding 421 pounds. She now weighs a healthy 147, and has never been happier.

"Slowing down helped me drop pounds fast!"

Jen Demaria lost 20 dress sizes, and found happiness
Pounds lost: 106
How she did it: Dr. Phil's Ultimate Weight Loss Solution and The Firm Workout.

For Jen Demaria, 34, food was a reward on good days and provided comfort when she was down. And at 255 pounds, with diabetes in her family and two kids to care for, she realized she had to be a role model. After trying (and failing) at every diet in existence, she heard about Dr. Phil's Ultimate Weight Loss Solution and gave it a shot. The plan taught her to take her time eating. She divided her plate into three sections--lean protein, whole grain carbs, and produce, and chewed her food slowly, putting down her fork in between bites to give her body time to register that full feeling. Then she began exercising with The Firm Workout, home videos that combined cardio and weights, working out at 6 a.m when her kids were still sleeping. Now, instead of using food as a reward, she treats herself in other ways: A day at the park with her kids, a new pair of jeans, or a manicure. She enjoys her food, but at 149 pounds, now considers it a necessity--not a crutch.


"I Lost Over 100 Pounds Without Depriving Myself of Fast Food!"

"I Lost Weight the Old-Fashioned Way--Diet and Exercise!"
When Lori Simpson couldn't buckle her seatbelt, she put herself in the driver's seat and lost weight.
Pounds lost: 156
How she did it: Diet and exercise

Lori Simpson, 39, never had to worry about her weight before. As a teenager, she ate whatever she wanted, never exercised, and still maintained a slim figure. But when she became pregnant with her first child, the weight just stuck around. And with a busy schedule and two kids to look after, Lori didn't have the time to plan nutritious meals. One day when she couldn't buckle her seatbelt in her husband's truck, she knew she had to shape up. Lori had never weighed herself before, and when she stepped on the scale, she was shocked to discover she weighed 311. A self-described "fast food junkie," Lori made a vow to stay away from it for three months. Then, she started designating "no food zones" in her home--certain rooms where eating was not allowed. That way, if she were hungry, she'd have to make a concerted effort to get food. She also began to consider why she ate so much, and realized that a lot of her munching was mindless, so she kept chopped veggies with her at all times. She read everything about weight loss, keeping informed of the latest health news, even bought wellness encyclopedias. Lori also bought a food scale and portioned her meals so she always knew exactly what she was consuming. And her body adjusted to her habits. Now instead of french fries, Lori craves healthy fare like produce and whole grains. Happy at 155 pounds, Lori and makes a point to exercise every day, wearing a pedometer to track her steps.


"I Dropped Pounds While the World Watched!"

On a game show, this mom won her life back...and gained a husband as well!
Pounds lost: 95
How she did it: The Biggest Loser

31-year-old Suzy Preston's battle with weight began at age 15 when she begged her parents to take her to a diet center. And although she admits now that she didn't truly have a weight problem back then, she always felt bigger than the other kids, and throughout the years, bounced quickly from one diet to the next. When she went on The Biggest Loser, she tipped the scales at 227 pounds, but she lost 66 pounds during filming. After returning home, she lost another 29 pounds, giving her a total weight loss of 95 pounds and a finale weigh-in of 132 pounds. After competing on the show, she married Matt Hoover, The Biggest Loser's second season winner. The two had their first child in 2007, and Suzy's currently pregnant with their second son.

"Drinking Lots of Water is My Weight Loss Secret."

Sissy Lusk was shocked into losing weight over 200 pounds by a mean comment from a child.
Pounds lost: 215
How she did it: Weight Watchers

This 42-year-old mother of one weighed 345 pounds and was miserable. But one day when Sissy Lusk was in a gas station, a a little boy asked why she was so fat. Even though she was mortified, this was a wakeup call: She knew she needed to start a new life. She started Weight Watchers and in three years lost over 200 pounds. Now weighing just 130,  Sissy's kept the pounds off for six years...and is even a Weight Watchers leader. She continues to follow the program every day. She weighs herself every two to three days to stay on track and exercises five times a week. "I hated exercise. I found that you have to make it fun. Find something you enjoy," she says. For her, that means biking with her husband, roller skating and trying new exercise videos. She's also learned not to deny herself. Once she tried to avoid a Krispy Kreme doughnut craving and ended up taking in more calories. "The day I realized that it was OK as long as I worked it into my Weight Watchers' points for the day, it wasn't all that desirable to me -- I could eat one, not feel guilty, and go on."


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Momof4_TX July 10, 2008, 12:02 PM

Way to go!!! All of your stories are VERY encouraging!!!!

Beth July 12, 2008, 6:34 AM

wow, very impressive. Tabor’s Slim and Beautiful diet works for sure. He is the one that started Revival Soy to help his mom with menopause. VERY encouraging stories.

Susan July 17, 2008, 12:24 AM

Bravo! You are all inspirational! I myself must lose 150 to get to a healthy weight - not just because I want to be thin but because I want to be healthy and active with my son. My ex husband is the one that takes him ice skating and swimming and hiking and that makes him the fun parent. I know it isn’t a competition but just once I’d like to be there for the fun! Seeing these women losing the weight fills me with hope that I can do this too!

emkate September 17, 2008, 2:26 PM

WOWOWOWOO! u were fatttttttttt

kmp December 31, 2008, 7:32 PM

Thanks for sharing your stories. I began my journery to better overall health two weeks ago. I realized what a lier I had become. I lied to myself all the time. Every Monday was going to be the day I would make the better choices and exercise. Well, I am at the heaviest weight I have ever been 345 pounds. I have thought about a weight loss surgery, but I just can not see myself going there. I have started walking. My knees and back hurt the whole time, but I am going to do it. I can walk about 20 minutes. I will add time as I get sronger. Thanks again for sharing. Reading your stories reinforces my belief that I can do it. Seeing others loose the amount of weight I need to loose and keep it off encourages me.

Andrew Pelt September 18, 2010, 9:36 PM

Thanks for sharing this with us, very informative.

d. Erase November 21, 2010, 6:51 PM

I wouldn’t vouch and dedicate my life in fruitless efforts of making money or erasing debt..