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Is Shiloh the cutest baby ever?Shiloh graces the cover of Star magazine this week...and, boy, is she a stunner. Have you ever seen such a cute kid in your life? (Besides your own, of course...) She's two years old and already a cover girl. Talk about great genes!

2-year-old missing for 5 weeks but never reported: Mom Casey Anthony, 22, was taken into custody after it was discovered that she had not reported her daughter's disappearance...5 weeks after she had gone missing. Anthony is refusing to answer the judge's questions concerning the whereabouts of Caylee Marie Anthony, 2. However, Caylee's grandparents aren't giving up hope. "I feel the more media exposure we have, the quicker we can bring Caylee home and that is the whole point of all of this -- to bring Caylee home safely," Caylee's grandmother Cindy Anthony said.

Denise Richards requests emergency order against Charlie: Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards' custody saga continued in court Thursday when Denise asked for an emergency order restricting Charlie's access to their daughters, Sam, 4, and Lola, 3. The reality TV mom claimed there were serious issues at the actor's home that need to be evaluated before the children could visit. There will be an emergency hearing held on Monday.

Moms find balance as high-skilled temps: The demands of full-time jobs are increasingly taking their toll on working mothers. Many have found that by making the transition to temp work, they are allowed more time with their children while at the same time not being completely taken out of the workforce. Many companies have begun looking for these skilled, educated women. "They're realizing that ... this is a talent pool that's experienced and professional and efficient and ready to work as long as they're given a little bit of consideration to their personal needs," said Allison O'Kelly, CEO of a company called Mom Corps, whose mission is to match stay-at-home moms with these companies.

More info: Shiloh, Anthony, Denise Richards, Temp Work

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Anon July 17, 2008, 10:06 PM

I wonder what were the “serious issues”.

Lee July 29, 2008, 5:02 PM

Casey Anthony is seriously delusional and had her priorities confused. I wish someone would break her down. She knows just where her daughter is (close to home; as she said to her brother).
She was never made to grow up and be responsible and disdained the child so much that, when faced with choice of single life or ‘real’ mom life…. I guess she made the wrong choice. I hate to think about it, but I am afraid Caylee is NOT okay.

tellnolies August 1, 2008, 8:33 AM

Casey is a habitual liar according to friends and by her own actions. I’m sure a psyche evaluation will show she’s got some serious form of personality disorder.

I have somebody like that in my life so I speak from what I have and continue to experience.

As heartbreaking and awful to say and think, I don’t think Caylee is alive. I pray to GOD that I am wrong.

Unfortunately, habitual liars end up justifying it in their heads and will go to extremes to make you believe what they are spewing. They will only admit what they consider the insignificant lies when, and only when there is no other way out. I’m thinking she’s covering for someone she loves, and in her mind loves her back just as much. And I’ll bet she will go to whatever means necessary, (spinning more lies) to protect him, even if that means sitting in jail. She would rather protect this person instead of telling the truth because in her mind what’s done is done, and how on earth can they convict her if she’s not the one who actually did the deed.

I’ll bet Casey has never been able to give a straight forward, simple answer in her life when asked a direct question.

When the truth finally does come out, I’ll bet the first words out of her mouth will be, “but you don’t understand”.

Anonymous August 25, 2008, 1:44 PM

casey please tell your mom and dad what you have done

Janel October 18, 2008, 7:41 PM

Please sign this Petition, if you believe so.


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