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Moms Choose Baths over Kids

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Both groups of moms say being ALONE is best! Spending time with the kiddos isn't high on the wish list for stay-at-home moms or working moms. If moms had 30 minutes of free time, both groups said they'd prefer to do it solo.

89% of SAHMs think their kids would be happier if they worked! Whereas only 46% of working mothers think their children would be happier if they stayed at home.

An equal number of working moms and SAHMs feel like failures as moms. (Apparently, there's enough self-loathing to go around.)

And almost an equal percentage of SAHMs and working moms feel judged by the opposite group.

Stay-at-home moms have more sex, are kinkier in bed, and rate their sex lives higher than working moms. When it comes to love and sex, stay-at-home moms take it--they are also happier with how much their husbands do for the family. About 43% of working moms say they keep score about who does what, while only 9% of SAHMs keep score.

Working moms have twice as many affairs and have husbands who are twice as likely to cheat than their stay-at-home counterparts.

Working moms are less satisfied with their lives than stay-at-home moms. About 53% of working moms said they wished their lives were different, while only 35% of stay-at-home moms felt the same.

In the stress and happiness areas, we were surprised to find that working moms feel much less stressed than those who stay at home. About 1% of working moms say that overall they are very stressed compared to 24% of stay-at-home moms. But despite the stress, SAHMs are happier than working moms overall (52% vs. 43%).

Moms react to the happiness poll results:

"It was interesting that both SAHMs and working moms feel judged by the other and they both feel like failures. I think that is the truest statement. Everyone is judging everyone because everyone feel there is no exact right way to be doing things."
- spiritual advisor Rabbi Sherre Hirsch, who appeared on the KTLA Morning News to discuss the poll results

"It was interesting to me that 89% of stay-at-home moms thought their kids would be happier if they worked and that 46% of working moms thought their kids would be happier if they stayed home. It makes sense. Stay-at-home moms bear the brunt of their kids' emotions all day every day. Sometimes it feels like the kids might be happier or on a more even keel if someone else was doing the caretaking. Working moms, on the other hand, feel the guilt of leaving for much (or all) of the day, and about half rationalized that their kids would be no better off with them around. It is amazing that more than half don't feel this way!"
- pediatrician Dr. Cara Natterson

"It doesn't surprise me at all that moms say it makes them happiest to get time away from the kids. I see moms in my office all the time who can't get the Blue's Clues song out of their head or are burnt out from making their hundredth crustless peanut-butter sandwich. Moms who spend all day with their children are starved for some adult conversation or attention, or just some peace and quiet!

I also love it that SAHMs are having more, kinkier sex because it bucks the stereotype of the SAHM sitting at home in sweats with her unwashed hair pulled back in a ponytail watching her soaps. It does surprise me, though, because I often hear complaints from SAHMs like, 'I can't believe that my husband even wants to touch me after the kids go to bed. Doesn't he realize that I haven't showered in 2 days, have spit-up all over my shirt and just changed my 5th poopy diaper of the day?! Sex is the last thing on my mind!' Often SAHMs say that they have a tough time transitioning from mommy to lover without some down time in between."
- family therapist Shannon Fox

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