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Secrets in the Suburbs: Mom's a Porn Star

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In week five of "Secrets in the Suburbs," we talk to Jamie, a 27-year-old mom of two--a 7- and 2-year-old--who spends her nights as an adult entertainer! 


Jamie revealed to momlogic that pizza delivery and telemarketing just weren't cutting it, so she became a webcam girl. And in just the past two years, became a porn star. She juggles her kids' school activities around shooting sex scenes--and you thought you had a lot to balance!

ML: How did you get into the adult entertainment business?
Jamie: I actually started as a maternity nude model. After I had my child, I started doing that again along with solo nudes and solo video. I was also doing webcam shows at the time. My fiancé was a car salesman at the time working 12 to 14 hours a day, 6 days a week and only bringing home maybe $3000 a month. We needed more money to support our growing family, so we agreed that porn would be a good idea for us. I got online one day and searched out adult agencies here. I found a couple that I liked and emailed them some pictures. The next day, an agency made me a good offer, and I was on a flight two days later. I flew from Texas to California and stayed out here for two weeks. It was hard being away from the family, but I made great money. I came home and helped pack things and we drove out for good a week later. We've been here for 2 1/2 years and I'm still in porn. My fiancé also made his way in and we are doing really well.

ML: When you worked as a webcam girl, were most of your clients married men?
Jamie: No, I would say half of my clients were younger guys from other countries and half were married men.

ML: How did you make the switch from webcam girl to porn star?

Jamie: I made the switch from webcam girl to porn star because webcam just wasn't enough for me. I wanted the money and the adventures you get from being a porn star. Plus after six months of doing webcam shows day after day, it gets a little boring. Although, I still do webcam shows in my spare time or on off seasons when companies aren't shooting as much, which is usually in the summer. I like the extra cash, and it's exciting when you're not doing it day after day.

ML: What was the most unusual thing you were asked to do as a webcam girl? And as a porn star?
Jamie: The most unusual thing I was asked to do as a webcam girl was a "pee" show, and I had to turn that down.The most unusual thing I've done as a porn star would be a movie that was all about milk enemas--now that was unusual.

ML: How do you balance being a mom and porn star?
Jamie: It's actually simple to balance being a porn star and a mom. I just have to watch what I wear and what I say around the kids!

ML: When you go to school activities with your children, do you tell the other moms what you do?
Jamie: My children have school functions every once in a while. I notice some guys will stare more than others, and I feel like they have most likely seen my movies. The moms, I think, are clueless. So when people ask what I do, I tell them I'm a trust fund baby, and on occasions I do a little modeling and leave it at that. There are times when I freeze up when people ask or when I go to greet someone I'll accidently introduce myself as Allison, which is my stage name. That makes for an awkward moment.

ML: Does your family know?
Jamie: When I began doing porn, I instantly told my mom and my two older sisters what I was doing. They laughed and joked about them wanting to do it too. I kept it from my dad, but he found out about a year into it. A friend of his told him he saw me on a Web site. My dad called me and was really upset. He's a farmer and very religious, so he didn't take it well. But he calmed down and he just accepts it now.

ML: What's the best thing about being a porn star? And a mom?

Jamie: The best thing about being a porn star is the money and the parties. The best thing about being a mom and a porn star would have to be the time I get to spend with my kids. I'm only at work maybe three times a week for just a couple of hours. The rest of the time I'm spending with my kids. It's great! I couldn't imagine working a lot and being away from my kids for many hours at a time.

ML: What's your schedule like?

Jamie: My schedule is kind of crazy, because I know my call time maybe a couple days ahead of time and sometimes last-minute. But I make sure to only work three days a week and my hours are very short. Shoots take from 1 hour to 4 hours. If it's a feature, it could take 12 hours, but they try to get you out as quickly as possible.

ML: Are there a lot of moms in the porn business?

Jamie: Yes, actually I have met a lot of moms in the business. They like it because of the money and the short hours. If you're a single mom, it's great and an easy way to take care of your kids financially.

ML: When they're old enough will you tell your children what you do for a living?
Jamie: Well, I've met a lot of older people that have been in the business for years that have kids and grandkids. They told their kids what they did for a living and their children seem pretty normal. So, yes when my kids get to the age where they would understand, I will tell them what I do.

The next time you see that hot mom carting her kids around, you may think twice when she tells you she's in the "service business" or a "trust fund baby," because she could be the one entertaining your husband at night! Don't miss week six of "Secrets in the Suburbs."

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Sean December 28, 2008, 7:36 PM

If her hubby agrees I don’t understand the problem. If she works in porn she has to take regular tests as do all the other actors. Porn is far safer than escorting for that reason. Best though to tell the kids before they find out some other way. Working as an adult entertainer is preferable to working in a chicken factory. And yes, if my daughter chose it freely as a way of paying for college, I’d accept it. She’s a stripper already so it’s possible I guess.

DaughterofPornStar January 15, 2009, 6:13 AM

I have mixed feelings about this. I’m the daughter of two porn stars. A mom and dad porn star lol.

My parents kept this from me till I was a teen…and then…I found out the hard way. From other kids. Some kids where mean others thought it made me cool.

My mom was a teenage runaway. Victim of abuse. She didn’t have many career options. My dad (actually step dad but i consider him my real dad)was also a street kid.

They did porn, retired after they got married but stayed involved in the business.

I am at Stanford now. I have had a good life. Grew up in a good neighborhood. I have few memories of being 4 and living in a slum hole and seeing my first rat.

The worst thing is people judging. And judging harshly. I’m not saying that because they had tough lives they should be allowed to do whatever they want. But calling porn stars names and saying oink oink…how is that helping them? It’s believe that being a porn star is the worst thing there is. So what do you do? You spit at them and kick them while they are down?

How does name calling and judgement help anyone? You religious people should practice what you preach.

And as for me being normal. I am pretty much a straight laced 19 year old. Still a virgin. Did well in school and doing good at Stanford majoring in PoliSci.

Just my two cents.

coco February 13, 2009, 2:16 PM

bad bad bad life

Anonymous July 10, 2009, 3:26 PM

whats her porn star name???? lol

alex October 10, 2009, 2:14 PM

I think it’s great that you’re in the adult film business, my Mom was also a pornstar!, and I’m not ashamed at all, in fact I think it’s kind of hot!, my mother was an extremely beautiful, attractive and sexual woman in her youth, I’m even proud of it!

Mike January 5, 2010, 12:53 AM

I was just searching up this topic of how the childern when grown up would feel about a parent being a pornstar? I mean this interview seem to be me is all made up but hey this is America and everything is possible. Some guys would just do anything to get down to bang a pornstar even if they have to be with 10 kids of her and who give a F(*0K right? well good luck with that but how can we American have any value or respect? God Bless America but girls like this? OMG

Anonymous May 11, 2010, 10:10 AM

This suburban porn-mom goes by the name Allison Pierce

MaidInManhattan October 28, 2010, 5:31 AM

I feel sorry for your children. How do you think they’ll feel about this when they find out? What if kids at their school find out when they’re older? You’re setting them up for serious mental problems.

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Dee May 29, 2011, 8:40 PM

You should have your children taken away from you. You are an unfit mother. Your son is very likely to grown up hating women when he sees you in action on the internet. What a horrific shock it will be to him to realize that his mother is the filthiest thing that inhabits the earth.

Dakota May 31, 2011, 10:33 AM

Wow, I doubt she was asking anyone here for their approval. I give Jamie 1000 times more respect than any loser/deadbeat/parasite collecting a welfare check.

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