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Secrets in the Suburbs: Mom's an Escort

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The suburbs are humming with the sound of minivans, kids laughing, moms gossiping and dads mowing the lawn. But in one Vegas suburb, a vivacious, sexy and business-savvy mom added the sound of stilettos!


In Part 4 of "Secrets in the Suburbs," we talk to Tori, mom and owner of an escort business in las Vegas. She is also the mom of a teenage son and is as business-savvy as a corporate CEO.

Momlogic: When did you get into the business?
Tori: I ventured into the industry at the ripe and ready age of 18. I moved to Vegas shortly after becoming legal in 1990. 18 years later, I'm still here. I've worked all aspects of the adult industry, except porn. I might have done so, but feared my daddy would see me naked. I have six years on one side of the desk and nine on the other.

ML: How did you decide to open your own escort business? And how long have you been in business?
Tori: When my son became of school age, I found it very hard to look at all the innocent women and lie about my job when questioned. There wasn't a single women in the PTA who would have wanted their child in the home of a woman who may have been dating their husband on the side. I knew at this point it was time to make a change and make it quick! I soon began to lose my regulars to younger girls and new faces. I went through lots of changes, but knew it would be the best thing for me. I had to let go of the easy money and report daily like a real corporate employee; a phone girl. Thankfully, I was able to maintain my bills and still found a few bucks to enjoy myself on the well-deserved days off I was able to capture.

I'm now the owner of a corporation that holds an out call promoter license in Vegas. I've been doing business for two years and have found my decision to be both challenging as well as rewarding. 

ML: How old is your son?
Tori: I'm a proud single mother of a very handsome young man who recently turned 14 and will be starting his first year of high school in the fall.

ML: Does he know what you do for a living? How did he find out?
Tori: My son does know what I do. I try to be very open with him so that he understands the demands that my business has on me. Its pretty basic--he understands that if I don't work, we don't eat.

ML: Tell me about the first time you told him about your job.
Tori: I never thought I would have to go into detail about things. Who wants to tell a kid about the industry. He was shocked but relieved to know we weren't poor. One day while out running errands, I was forced to stop by my office. I went in, leaving him in the car with my visiting mom. When I returned he said "MOM, I never knew you were a stripper." I completely blocked out the fact that--due to zoning restrictions--my office is located above a topless bar that has racy pictures of sexy women on a marquee in flashing lights. I had to quickly correct him and explain that I was not a stripper. I explained his mother was no longer the eye candy she once was. I told him if we depended on me taking off my clothes for money, we'd be bankrupt.

ML: Does your family know what you do for a living?
Tori: Yes, they do. I'm the oldest of five children and the only girl. I come from a very good family who did instill moral values, yet are still fairly liberal. My father is the joker type and says "Be the best at whatever you do and call me if you need a band-aid." My mom's happy I'm independent and that I don't have to struggle to make ends meet. My brothers, who never cared to visit, have suddenly taken a huge interest in visiting their big sister. My grandmother is supportive, and claims if she were 50 years younger she'd be teaching these girls the ropes. My father's parents are good Southern people. We don't give them the whole story. They think I work in advertising, so we leave the important details out. They are way too precious to ever hurt.

ML: Who are your clients?
Tori: My business is sought by mostly everyone. Couples looking to explore their fantasies seek the erotic company of escorts. I think this is a healthy way to cure the mildly curious. The honest truth is that our services are more frequently patronized by the average Joe, and most of our clients are married men who may or may not be getting taken care of at home. While his housewife may go the extra mile to please her mate in other ways, men somehow are like animals. They do it for the excitement, the thrill, the moment, and the variety. This behavior is usually never exposed and doesn't pose a threat to any bond of marriage. Better a one-time encounter with a stranger who expects nothing more than payment, versus a devastating, ongoing affair with a secretary or other personal associate where feelings may become involved.

ML: Can you give us an estimate of how much you make?
Tori: Industry-type business will thrive in Vegas from September through the month of June while the city is packed with business men attending conventions. Standard hourly rates start at $300, not including the abundant gratuities the ladies request and often receive for their performance. While this seems like a lot of cash, the cost of advertising tends to hammer away at profits quickly. Once the taxes are collected and the overhead is covered, I do take a conservative salary for personal expense. I hope to grow this company into something very lucrative one day.

ML: What is so alluring about the sex industry?

Tori: Mothers with a family to support are more common today than in the years past. Today's economy and high costs of living force women who are moms to consider doing things they may not do otherwise to keep the children fed and clothed and living in a decent environment. This is especially true when women have multiple children or the fathers of the children are absent. The hardest thing for a woman is to admit to her needy child that she has no money or can't afford to give them the things they want. The most beautiful women may have no education, no direction, or any assistance, yet have the ability to make endless amounts of cash behind closed doors.

ML: What is it like being a mom and the owner of an escort company?

Tori: Being a mom is a full-time job. I feel very fortunate to have excelled to this degree. With odds against me due to lack of education, I am blessed. My choices may not have always been right, but every day I continue to make positive steps in the right direction in securing a future for my son and myself. I love my job, and I'm using my hands-on experience to enhance my own business. I may not have obtained a Ph.D, but my choice has certainly always been beneficial. I love what we do and very much enjoy being a part of the sexiest business ever legalized!

ML:What do you say to people who criticize you for your career choice?
Tori: My career is my choice--I made the choice and I have to live with it. If they don't like my choice, they can make their own. I have taken the responsibility for my choices through life. I certainly don't glamorize my profession, and must add: This isn't for everyone.

ML: Do you have any advice for moms out there thinking of getting into the sex industry?
Tori: I know there may be many women out there who have considered working as an escort or even stripping in a club. To these women, my most valuable advice is to proceed with caution. What may appear as a playground, is anything but! This job is only lucrative for a select few. You have to treat it like a profession and make smart choices with the loads of cash you'll make. Beware of the fast life. While the money comes quick, it's cash and as the saying goes "easy come-easy go!"

Are you peeking out your window to see what your neighbors are up to, or are they peeking in at you? The suburbs may look clean, boring and unsexy, but as we've shown you in our "Secrets in the Suburbs" series--they're far from that! Don't miss next week's mom with a secret!

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Rachel July 3, 2008, 12:24 PM

It’s amazing how easy it is to hide your profession or personal life from people! I hope the kid doesn’t let it slip because to him it’s just his mom’s job!

Anonymous July 3, 2008, 1:17 PM

I wonder if it will have a negative impact on her son when he gets older-like the way he treats women or maybe he’ll have a sexual addiction. I just don’t think it’s right for her son to know what she does.

Raven July 3, 2008, 1:49 PM

Smart woman!!!

Jake  July 4, 2008, 1:09 AM

Of course the son is going to have a low opinion of women , look what his example is .

1naughtymom July 4, 2008, 2:33 PM

Do you lie to your children?
They live in Vegas. there are billboards asking people to audition for porn on the side of the freeway.
Seems to me they are fairly normal just have a secret as Im sure you have a few of your own? If the boy is fourteen he may be mature enough enough to know that all women have choices??

Lourdes July 7, 2008, 4:29 PM


sharon July 7, 2008, 5:31 PM

It’s so interesting how people can live double lives.

Anonymous September 14, 2008, 9:18 PM

Jake, that’s the lowest…did you read the article? I think she’s incredibly brave to actually MAKE IT in that industry-can you say you`re as succesful? Can you say you`re as savvy? She`s had to make some hard decisions, and I think from the looks of it, she`s turned out alright.

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