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Top 5 Easy BBQ Tips

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Hosting a Fourth of July weekend BBQ doesn't have to be a pressure cooker. Here are five quick tips that are packed with taste when you're short on time.


1) Baste not waste
When it's time to baste the meat, cut an orange or lemon in half. Dip the juicy part of the fruit into a marinade and rub directly onto the meat. Easy and gives the beef a tasty twist.

2) Beer the Beef!
Add a tablespoon of beer to marinade to give it just the right kick--and it keeps the meat extra moist and tender.

3) Stop the stick
Tired of food always getting stuck to the grill? When you go to throw on the meat, first brush it with a little vegetable oil or olive oil and the sticky situation is gone.

4) No-fuss husking
Who has time to husk corn?  With our tip, you do! With the husk still on, cut off both ends of the corn, roll it on your counter top, and watch the husk come right off!

5) Tea time and "me" time
Tired of plain iced tea? When making a pitcher for you BBQ, grab a frozen can of concentrate and stir in a couple of scoops. Orange juice, lemonade, and strawberry are some great-tasting choices!

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