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Dance Your Way to a Hot Bod!

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Momlogic's Winter: Zumba, a new fitness craze, is sweeping the country so fast that I had to check it out here in Los Angeles. Days later, my butt still hurts.

I consider myself a fairly fit woman, logging in four-plus workouts a week, drinking sugar-free cranberry juice daily and giving random lectures to friends and family on the importance of veggies. However, nothing could have prepared me for the butt-breaking combination of salsa, hip hop, cardio and strength training known as Zumba. All I could say during every combination was, "Thank you, God, that I have rhythm."

Walking into the dance studio at 7 a.m., there was a whopping total of four other die-hard workout junkies. However, I found out some things very quickly:
1. When an instructor is late, he will make up for it by working you harder .
2. Small classes mean that he can yell at you like a Nazi easier and also...
3. Find out if you're taking an advanced class in the beginning, versus the end of the class.

The workout began with a quick dance-inspired warm-up and was followed by multiple salsa, merengue and hip hop combinations--with 3-pound weights in tow. Despite the early hour, the salsa music was amazing and my legs were remembering everything. I felt pretty good until we had to pull out the barre--the next 15 minutes was a grueling combination of butt-killing leg lifts to the back and side, 30 plus calf-raises on each leg, and push-ups and crunches in between sets.

"You gotta lift higher and go faster than that! WORK THOSE BUNS! BURN THOSE BUNS!" Wil kept barking in my ear as I was attempting to hold in my abs and not cling to the barre. After the barres were put away and squats and booty-shaking done, he had us pull out the mats for floor butt-work. Not lifting my leg high enough received a motivating poke as the Nazi/instructor loomed over me. But at the end of the class, he rewarded us with a soothing stretch.

I am currently feeling the endorphin kickback and relaxation that only a good workout can give. My trouble-spot tummy feels toned and the wobbly bits were engaged. And while I was thinking that the man was insane the entire class, I'll be going back soon for more.

Want to try Zumba? Click here.

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lauraine July 21, 2008, 10:00 AM

i would love to try this but dvd’s are expensive don’t have time to go the gym .

Sheri July 21, 2008, 10:58 AM

Wow, there actually are a few classes near me and my library has the dvds!
Will get the dvds first , then look into classes.
thanks for the heads up, my booty thanks you

Felicia  July 21, 2008, 12:33 PM

That is so funny! I always thought as Zumba as one big joke! Guess I will have to try it

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