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5 Steps to Better Sexual Health

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Guest Blogger Elizabeth: The secret to health and enhanced sexual pleasure is within your reach! Our sex expert has tips for strengthening those muscles (and possibly your relationship). You're welcome.

The key to sexual health? Having a strong pelvic floor. Not only will that prevent your organs (especially your uterus and bladder) from dropping later on in life, it will also greatly enhance your sexual pleasure -- and his. (Two words: ninja vagina.) A sex expert offers moms tips on strengthening those muscles via Kegels. Hyah!

Hilda Hutcherson, M.D., gynecologist and author of What Your Mother Never Told You About Sex, gives moms tips on strengthening intimate muscles via Kegels. "Kegels keep your pelvic floor strong, and that's crucial to sexual health because it prevents your uterus and bladder from dropping," Hutcherson notes. "It also protects you against urinary incontinence and will greatly improve your sex life. Once you have a strong pelvic floor, your orgasms will be much more intense, and your partner will be really happy because you'll be able to do interesting things with your vagina. You'll be able to squeeze him, move his penis from side to side inside you, and do all sorts of ripples -- kind of like a ninja. It will make him crazy!" Here are the five steps to becoming a Kegel master:

Step one: Identify the muscles you need to squeeze. "While urinating, let out a little and then stop the flow," says Hutcherson. "Then let out a little more and stop the flow again. Keep repeating until you know exactly which muscles you're working."

Step two: Vary the technique. "Alternate between squeezing quickly and relaxing and squeezing slowly and holding it for as long as you can," Hutcherson says. "It's important to do both kinds of Kegels, because some pelvic-muscle fibers are quick-firing and some are slow. This way, you'll work both."

Step three: Try to do at least 100 Kegels a day. "You can do them anytime, anywhere, and at any age," Hutcherson notes. "I tell my patients to spread it out by doing 10 to 20 whenever they think of it; that way, it doesn't become a chore. You'll start seeing results immediately; after about three months of daily Kegeling, you'll have a strong pelvic floor."

Step four: Consider kicking it up a notch. "If you want to get tight even faster, purchase a vaginal weight system," Hutcherson suggests. "I like Femtones. Weights make the whole process easier; they enable you to do Kegels while walking around, taking a shower, etc. Use them 15 minutes a day; once you can walk rapidly for 15 minutes without the weight falling out, you can graduate to the next-heavier one. If you get to the point where you can use the heaviest vaginal weight while running for 20 minutes, you're a Kegel master!"

Step five: Go beyond Kegels. "All exercise is good for sexual health, because it increases your stamina, flexibility and energy," Hutcherson observes. "It also makes you feel better about yourself emotionally, and that will increase your desire."

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Kristen August 11, 2008, 4:22 PM

Kegel exercises will help you throughout life as you get older - and if you want a more cost-effective “vaginal weight system”, you can get Ben-Wa Balls or Pleasure Pearls (similar to Ben-Wa Balls but a bit heavier) from someone like me! I do Passion Parties and sell these items and emphasize women’s health!
You need to work your “inner parts” too just as much as traditional workouts and muscles!

sam February 21, 2011, 12:17 AM

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